4 Facts about Charys (Ifrit) Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

4 Facts about Charys (Ifrit) Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

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Charys (Ifrit) Is one of Rimuru's subordinates who initially became the enemy who attacked Jura Tempest. After Rimuru defeated him, Ifrit was then devoured into Rimuru's stomach. There Ifrit met Veldora and became close to this day.

Judging from his appearance, Ifrit has a body shape that is filled with fire. This is very reasonable, because the main strength of Ifrit is very hot fire. In his battle at Jura Tempest, Ifrit used his fire to attack Rimuru. However Ifrit's fire attack didn't manage to injure Rimuru. On the other hand, Ifrit could easily be defeated by Rimuru.

Facts Charys (Ifrit)

Ifrit and Veldora are very close, When in Rimuru's stomach they become close friends to practice and chat. At this moment, Veldora asked Rimuru to “let go” ifrit which Veldora later became an assistant. Ifrti has a new name, namely Charys. It was said that Charys (Ifrit) was given a female body on the recommendation of Veldora.

The Lord of Fire sealed in the body of Shizue Izawa

Ifrit is a figure of the ruler of fire that was sealed in the body of Shizue Izawa by Leon Cromwell. This incident happened in Season 1 of Tensura, We see Leon who is trying to call his childhood friend. But Leon didn't succeed and instead called Shizue Izawa. Because Leon saw Shizue Izawa who was "resistant" to fire, Leon decided to seal Ifrit in his body. All of that was done to protect Shizue Izawa.

Veldora's assistant Tempest

Ifrit and Veldora became very close after Rimuru managed to swallow him. As previously explained, that Ifrit was captured by rimuru and stored in the dimensional space of his stomach. There Ifrit met Veldora, They trained together and eventually became close friends.

About 2 years later, Veldora asked rimuru to release Ifrit to be his personal assistant. Rimuru granted his wish and then Ifrit was given the name Charys.

Personality Ifrit (Charys) Prior to meeting Rimuru

Ifrit was a fire lord who acted according to his instincts. In other words, he will destroy anyone if he thinks he needs to be destroyed. His instincts are like that of a wild animal. When he sees a weak person or one that might endanger his life, he will not hesitate to kill him. All of that was seen when Ifrit attacked the Tempest Jura. Besides, this personality of his is very much the opposite of Shizue Izawa.

Personality Ifrit (Charys) After Meeting Rimuru

Ifrit began to change after he was in the dimension of Rimuru's stomach. He saw rimuru's interaction with the monsters in the tempest jura and then ifrit realized the "Heart" of each creature. Perhaps more precisely is that ifrit finds warmth and friendship that is very beautiful in the jura tempest.

Charys began to think rationally and realized the meaning of "feeling" and "life". All that he learned from Rimuru's interaction with all the creatures in Tempest.


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