4 Facts about Gyutaro "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Upper Rank Six

4 Facts about Gyutaro "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Upper Rank Six

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Gyutaro is one of the top ranked demons with Rank Upper Rank Six along with his sister. He is a demon who became the enemy in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. As a rank 6 villain, he has immense power and can even trouble the top demon hunters.

Gyutaro has very large muscles in his arms and legs, but his stomach/chest is very thin and neglected. It was possible that all of that was the effect of the ability or that it was intentionally left as it was. He was seen wearing only loose pants with a slightly bent body position. Her hair is medium length green in a disheveled style.

The fact that Gyutaro

Gyutaro is a very strong demon and difficult to kill, he has an attachment to his sister and the only way to defeat him is to behead them both at the same time. Thus, he became one of the top ranked demons and was very difficult to overcome.

A Very Hard

Past Gyutaro has a very hard life as a "Human", he experiences various very painful events and makes him continue to suffer. All of that forced him to turn into a demon and develop a very cruel, sadistic, jealous, envious and petty attitude.

Due to the difficulties he continues to face, Gyutaro develops very harsh and sinister thoughts. He thought that everyone who had a "Fate" better than him deserved to die. All of this is seen in various battles that show sarcasm to all his enemies and without hesitation to kill them all.

really loves his little sister

. Although Gyutaro has a very negative attitude, he has a very kind side towards his younger sister. He raised his sister alone and has a very big attachment even though he has turned into a demon.

Gyutaro always pays great attention to and pampers his little sister. All of that can be seen in the latest season of demon slayer, he really trusts and gives everything for his sister.

Upper Rank Six

Gyutaro has enormous power and is very difficult to overcome. He is currently occupying Upper Rank Six with his younger sister. In the latest season, he fights against tangent and tanjiro. In that battle he managed to corner the demon hunters and almost killed them all. But his efforts were thwarted at the last moment.

Gyutaro Dies

In the end Gyutaro dies and in his final moments, he still wishes the best for his little sister. Gyutaro asked him to walk towards the bright light and leave a terrible darkness. He hopes that his younger sister can live happily.

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