4 Facts about Kishirika Kishirisu "Mushoku Tensei", a little girl who has many demon eyes

4 Facts about Kishirika Kishirisu "Mushoku Tensei", a little girl who has many demon eyes

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4 Facts about Kishirika Kishirisu "Mushoku Tensei", a little girl who has many demon eyes

4 Facts about Kishirika Kishirisu "Mushoku Tensei", a little girl who has many demon eyes

Kishirika Kishirisu is a figure of the Great Empress of the Demon Continent, she was reborn after a long absence after a great war. In her first appearance in Season 2, Kishirika Kishirisu is seen to have lots of demon eyes which are very interesting to discuss.


Judging from her appearance, Kishirika Kishirisu looks like a very cute little girl. She had a navel, thighs and waist without any indentations with her pale skin. In addition, he also has long wavy purple hair with very distinctive sheep horns. As previously explained, Kishirika Kishirisu also has many demon eyes.

Kishirika Kishirisu Facts

There are some interesting facts about Kishirika Kishirisu that you need to know. This character is very interesting, because of his funny behavior and very unique character design as the new Loli this season.

Demon Continent's Grand Empress

Kishirika Kishirisu was a great empress who was betrothed to Badigadi, the Demon King of Eternity. This information hasn't been fully disclosed yet, but it's been confirmed that Kishirika Kishirisu is really an Empress of the Demon Continent who 300 years ago lost easily on the battlefield.


In the great human-demon war, Kishirika Kishirisu who is an immortal demon empress joined the fight by leading the magic race army. He fights, But can be easily defeated. After that Kishirika Kishirisu was trapped for 300 years.

In Season 2, we see that Kishirika Kishirisu has been reborn with her very cute little body. He proudly flaunts his identity, but no one cares about that.

Kishirika's personality Kishirisu Kishirika

Kishirisu has a personality that is more like a child in general, but she also has an arrogant character in every word she says. He is very ambitious, arrogant, and easy to deceive. On the other hand, he also shows a soft and simple attitude in every activity.

Usually, Kishirika Kishirisu will give "Prize" to anyone who helps her. This can be seen when he gave his Demon Eyes to Rudeus who had helped him when he was starving.

It is said that Kishirika Kishirisu loved her fiancé very much, but he would allow her to sleep with other women. the reason is because of the body difference between the two. Kishirika Kishirisu understood that with her small body she couldn't play intimately with her master.

Powers of Kishirika Kishirisu

There are 2 powers that have been introduced, but this is only a theory.

Kishirika Kishirisu Eternal. We have seen that Kishirika Kishirisu was reborn after 300 years of being destroyed. It shows that he has the power of "Immortal". Kishirika Kishirisu can rise or be reborn after being defeated (Dead). But the body shape will change to be a little smaller. According to Badigadi, Kishirika Kishirisu was very wasteful because she often died on the battlefield.

Kishirika Kishirisu's second power is the Demon Eye. Kishirika Kishirisu has quite a lot of demon eyes, she can replace her eyes very easily. He can generate, Control and give his demon eyes. It is said that he carries 12 types of demon eyes with varying abilities.



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