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4 Facts and Powers of Orsted (Dragon God Orsted) Mushoku Tensei, The Strongest and Cruel Dragon God

by Staff Okuen 11 Jan 2023 0 Comments

4 Facts and Powers of Orsted (Dragon God Orsted) Mushoku Tensei, The Strongest and Cruel Dragon God


4 Facts and Powers of Orsted (Dragon God Orsted) Mushoku Tensei, The Strongest and Cruel Dragon God

 Orsted's strength was so great that he was able to become a Dragon God and was ranked second of the 7 Mushoku Tensei World powers. But many say that Orsted is the strongest among the 7 world powers.

Orsted was part of the Dragon Race, so he had the appearance of other Dragon Races. Orsted has silver hair and senpaku's golden eyes. He looked like a very strong human, despite the fact that Orsted was a very strong being. His appearance depicts his strength.

Facts Orsted (Dragon god Orsted)

Orsted Comes from the Past

Orsted was sent to the Future to defeat Hitogami. His father, the First Dragon God used the Reincarnation Technique that came from the Dragon Tribe and sent Orsted to the future.

Orsted Has a Curse

Orsted has a curse that makes him feared and hated by all creatures. That way, it is very difficult for him to socialize with other creatures. But there are some people who are not affected by the curse, for example Rudeus Greyrat's family. Rudy's son (Rudeus) always plays with Orsted. and Rudy Also not affected by the curse that belongs to Orsted.

Patience and Kindness

Orsted is someone who is very kind and patient in dealing with any situation, including when dealing with his colleagues. But after he achieves his goal, such as seeing Hitogami or his subordinates, he will immediately kill him without listening to the reason. That made Orsted almost kill Rudeus Greyrat in battle.

Orsted and Rudeus Greyrat

Orsted noticed something strange about Rudeus. Then he discovered the fact that Rudeus Greyrat had been threatened by Hitogami. After knowing all that, Orsted asked Rudeus to work with him to kill Hitogami. Then Orsted gave 2 options, namely joining him to defeat Hitogami or staying with Hitogami and dying.

Orsted was an Honest person, That way there was a possibility that the two of them would work together. Karna It is said that Rudeus Greyrat's son often played with Orsted and was immune to Orsted's curse.

Orsted's Power (Dragon God Orsted)

Orsted managed to defeat King Kalman III easily even though he was wearing an iron armor. He has the power to summon lightning and split the sky. Orsted has the speed of light in battle so it will be hard to beat him in battle.

Orsted is the strongest fighter when he is "Serious" in his battle. Then he also didn't feel pain or fear when he saw his hand cut off, but instead he used the severed hand as his weapon.

Magic Capacity “Unknown”

Orsted has a Magic capacity that is still unknown, however it has been shown that he wields a high level type of magic and even surpasses Gods.

Orsted's Strength Was at the Highest Level

Most of his Magic Power and Swordsmanship were at the highest level that is God level. He mastered various sword techniques at the rank of a god. Then he also has various Kinds of Magic Power in the God rank. That way, Orsted is an Over Power character in the Mushoku Tensei anime series.