5 Facts about Hakurou “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Legendary Swordsman

5 Facts about Hakurou “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Legendary Swordsman

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Hakurou is a Legendary Swordsman currently serving Rimuru Tempest. Hakurou's strength lies in his experience and swordsmanship. It should be noted that Rimuru also learned to use Samurai from Hakurou and mastered various legendary samurai techniques.

Hakurou was originally an Ogre named Hakurou by Rimuru. He joined the Tempest Jura Federation after defeating the Orc Lord. Hakurou Has a simple appearance like a middle-aged man, but what is different is the sharp gaze and skin color that has lost its bright color. Then Hakurou also has small horns and a slightly long beard, it emphasizes and gives authority to him.

Hakurou Tensura Facts Hakurou

is an old man with a million experiences of adventure and swordsmanship. He became a teacher for young swordsmen and passed on his experience and sword techniques to the next generation. In addition, there are some interesting facts about the character Hakurou in the anime Tensura Slime. Here's the Ulsan:

The Serenity of a Samurai

Hakurou has the composure as a samurai, he is able to identify the strength and "Origin" of the enemy's strength. Then he does not feel daunted or afraid when facing a stronger opponent. Hakurou is an old samurai with a lot of experience that has been passed, so it is not surprising that his character is full of courage and sharp gaze.

Descendants of Master Swordsman

Hakurou Are descendants of Araki Byakuya who is a master swordsman. So it's not surprising that Hakurou has a very great ability in swordsmanship. Then there is the possibility that all of Araki Byakuya's Skills and Techniques will be passed on to Hakurou. Although until now Hakurou's "Full" power has not been shown in detail.

The Strongest Swordsman

Hakurou was the strongest swordsman of his time. In the Ogre Tribe he became the strongest swordsman and was trusted to be the royal guard. His escort was continued by guarding the princes and princesses of the Ogre tribe, namely Benimaru and Shuna. Until now Hakurou still takes good care of him and even he has become a "brother".

Best Sword Instructor

Hakurou is the best Sword Master because he has successfully trained Rimuru Tempest and Gazel Dwargo in Swordsmanship. As we know that Rimuru is the Demon King and the leader of the Monsters in Jura Tempest, while Dwargo is the King of the Dwarf kingdom. Now Hakurou's ability is great because he has managed to train great people with his katana.

Has a Long Life

Basically the Ogre Tribe only has an average lifespan of about 100 years, but with his abilities he managed to live for 300 years and now his life has been extended again after evolving into a Fair Oni. Well actually when rimuru gave this Old Ogre a name, his Age became "Increased" and his body grew Stronger. But after the evolution back then his life will be longer.

Strength Hakurou

possessed immense power even before Rimuru gave him a name. When Hakurou was still a royal guard, his strength had already surpassed the leader of the Ogres. The strength that Hakurou has is the power of Swordsmanship without the slightest flaw which means he is the strongest swordsman at that time.

After Hakurou was named by Rimuru, his thinking speed became faster and he was able to adapt and understand his surroundings. The energy he has can be combined with the surrounding energy so that his existence becomes invisible and cannot be felt. It was like he disappeared and then reappeared to slash at the enemy.

Hakurou's Strengths :

  • Arts: Battlewill, Modelwill and Formhide
  • Unique Skills: Martial Master
    – Thought Acceleration
    – Heaven Gaze
    – Ultra Acceleration
    – Foresight
    – Mystery
  • Extra Skills: Magic Sense, Multilayer Barrier and Steel Strength
  • Common Skills: Coercion
  • Resistances: Abnormal Condition Nullification and Spiritual Attack Resistance

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