5 Members of the Zenin Family “Jujutsu Kaisen”

5 Members of the Zenin Family “Jujutsu Kaisen”


5 Members of the Zenin Family “Jujutsu Kaisen”

The Zenin family has the status of a noble family and is the Main Clan. The Zenin Family places high value on and values ​​Cursed Techniques above all else. Even the Zenin family would reject members of their own family if they didn't possess a powerful cursed technique.

The Zenin clan is very famous for its strength, even Toji who is a descendant of the Zenin family and does not have Cursed Energy is able to match Satoru Gojo. That way, the Zenin family member who possesses the Cursed Technique is likely to have greater power than Toji.

Zenin Family

Members There are currently 5 known members of the Zenin Jujutsu Kaisen family, here's a brief profile:

Naobito Zenin

Naobito Zenin is the 26th head of the Zenin family. It has a very powerful Technique and is able to freeze enemies after touching it. Naobito has a technique that can change 1 second into 24 special parts that allow him to continue to attack and seek information from every attack that will be made by the enemy. Currently Naobito is a Class 1 (Special) Magician.

Naoya Zenin

Naoya Zenin is the son of Naobito and is the strongest candidate to become the heir to the head of the Zenin family. He has very high beliefs and a very bad character. He plans to kill Megumi because Megumi is his strongest rival to take over the head of the Zenin family. Currently Naoya is a Class 1 (Special) Magician who thinks that he is the strongest among all his clan members. ** there is no information about the skill yet.

Ogi Zenin

Ogi Zenin is Naobito's brother and also the father of maki and mai. Currently Ogi Zenin is a Class 1 (Special) Mage.

Jinichi Zenin

Jinichi Zenin is one of the members of the Zenin family who has a high position. The power he possesses is also immense and he is currently a Class 1 (Special) Mage.

Mai Zenin

Mai Zenin is one of the Zenin family who was ostracized because she has low curse energy and is a "Woman". She was ostracized for being a woman far from the word "strong". Currently he is a student at a jujutsu school. Mai Zenin has the ability as a sniper, then she is seen always carrying her firearm wherever she goes.

**Information on the Zenin family is still limited.

Former Zenin Family Members

Until now, it has been shown that there are several Zenin family members who have decided to leave the family. They came out for various reasons and most of them left the clan due to having low cursed energy. In fact, however, the Zenin family members that came out possessed immense power and had the potential to become the strongest. The following are known former Zenin members:

TojiToji Fushiguro

rejected by his family because he has very low curse energy. Then he left the Zenin family and married a girl. Toji changed his family name to "Fushiguro" and had 1 child named Megumi. Actually Toji Fushiguro has enormous strength and is even able to slash Satoru Gojo with ease.

After leaving the Zenin family, Toji Fushiguro became a hitman and he had fun in every fight. Well, the power that Toji Fushiguro possesses is likely to exceed the strength of other zenin family members. This is because Toji has the ability "Undetectable" by all jujutsu magicians.

Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro is Toji's daughter. Before Toji died, he told Satoru Gojo that his son, Megumi, would be sold to the Zenin family in the next few years. After hearing that, Satoru immediately took Megumi and made him his disciple.

Megumi has a very powerful technique of 10 shadows which is able to control the greatest power of the cursed shadow technique. Even Sukuna said that Megumi had enormous Potential to defeat him. Then the Zenin Family also had a party after hearing that Megumi had mastered the 10 shadow techniques and became the strongest candidate for heir to become the next head of the Zenin Clan.

Maki Zenin

Maki Zenin left the Zenin family to become a jujutsu wizard. Then he felt a great hatred for the Zenin family. Maki has a very great ability even though she only has a little cursed energy. Maki mastered all kinds of cursed weapons and became the strongest among all cursed weapon users.

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