6 The Power of Sukuna "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Curse King

6 The Power of Sukuna "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Curse King

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Sukuna (Ryomen Sukuna) is the King of Curses. Sukuna's strength is so great that he is nicknamed the King of the Curse. That way it was confirmed that he had extraordinary strength. Sukuna was originally a Jujutsu mage although in the end he became a cursed Devil.

1000 years ago the witches teamed up to kill the Sukuna. However, the Sukuna's body parts cannot be destroyed and until now there are 20 fingers left which are used as "Cursed Items". 2 of them have been eaten by Yuji Itadori.

Sukuna has a very sadistic and greedy personality. Then he too will act as he wishes and never care about the consequences. This is in contrast to Yuji Itadori who has the kindness to help everyone. But in the end they both entered into a contract with 2 conditions.

The power of Sukuna

Sukuna is a high-level cursed spirit that has a very large amount of curse power. Then he also has a very high body resistance and incredible speed. Sukuna's strength dominates in terms of jujutsu and physique so he is classified as the strongest character.

Sukuna has the ability to be very fast in attacking the opponent. It was proven by how quickly he cut the opponent without realizing it by the target. then he can also make eyes and mouth in certain parts, for example he usually uses his eyes and lips on itadori cheeks.

Cursed Energy Manipulation: Immense Cursed Energy

Sukuna is naturally the King of curses. Which meant he could use his curse continuously without feeling the slightest fatigue. Sukuna's strength fits perfectly with his title as the King of the Curse, even though he was originally an ordinary human mage.

By using this ability, it is confirmed that the Sukuna has enormous endurance and stamina and then adds its curse ability. It was possible that he would become the strongest character who could match Satoru Gojo in a duel.

Cursed Energy Manipulation: Reverse Cursed Technique

Sukuna is a Special Grade Cursed Spirit that has the ability to regenerate quickly. He can restore his lost body quickly and accurately so that it returns to normal without the pain he suffers. This power is needed in a long duel.

This ability is able to maintain integration with other body parts. So that when using this power, there will be no flaws at all.

Binding Vows

Binding an oath or commonly referred to as entering into a contract with several terms or agreements. Sukuna entered into a contract with Yuji Itadori, the agreement had 2 conditions, namely (1) Sukuna asked for time to control Yuji's body within 1 full minute and (2) that Yuji Itadori had to forget the agreement.

The agreement was made to revive Yuji Itadori. Although Itadori initially refused, but he lost the duel and was forced to follow the rules of the sukuna game. After Yuji Itadori rose from the dead, he forgot all the agreements. But it seems Satoru Gojo realized it all.

Innate Technique: Dismantle

This power is Sukuna's innate power. He is able to slash enemies with one slash very easily. This power is adjusted to the enemy's target. So if the enemy target has great strength, the resulting damage will also be large.

Unnamed Fire Ability

Sukuna is able to use the power of fire he manipulates for ranged attacks. The resulting power also has a very large level of damage.

Barrier Techniques: Malevolent Shrine

This power is Sukuna's Domain Expansion. This Domain Expansion created a Buddhist temple surrounded by skulls. This domain has a HIT radius of about 200 Meters. Then this Domain Expansion has an Escape Route, so Sukuna's Domain Expansion is different from other domain expansions.


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