7 Primordial Demons “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”

7 Primordial Demons “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”

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7 Primordial Demons “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”

7 Primordial Demons are 7 Primordial Demons that are still in Spirit form (Like an Angel). Primordial Demons usually live aimlessly and behave without feelings. 7 Primordial Demons are the Main Demons in the Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken anime.

A demon's strength is calculated from its age, so the older the devil, the greater his strength. Demons take a very long time to become strong. Then the Devils are also bound by the limits of magic which forces them to continue to practice and hone their abilities. But that can be overcome if the demon has reached the age limit of 3 thousand years.

7 Primordial Demons in the Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken Anime

There are 7 Primordial Demons that have been shown so far, and 4 of these Demons have become Rimuru Tempest's subordinates. Here's a little explanation about the 7 Primordial Demons:

Rouge (Red) – Crimson

Guy Guy Crimson is the oldest and strongest devil, he lives on the Ice Continent and occupies the main seat of the octagram. Guy Crimson has a calm nature and sometimes looks arrogant, he will not care about anyone unless the person has a uniqueness.

Guy Crimson was summoned by humans to destroy a country that was at war with humans, but he destroyed everything and in the end he became the First True Demon Lord in the anime Tensura. He is called by 2 followers (Servants) named Vert and Bleu.

Rank: Special S

Vert (Green) – Mizari

Mizari (Misery) A subordinate of Guy Crimson. Vert was named Mizari by Guy Crimson after they were summoned to the world of the living. Mizari becomes Guy Crimson's servant and until now there are not many stories that explain information about this character.

Species: Demon Peer

Rank: S

Bleu (Blue) – Hirari

Hirari is also a subordinate of Guy Crimson who is very loyal and Royal to his master. Hirari is a beautiful woman who has strong discipline. Then he managed to destroy the country people called them and in the end Guy allowed him to continue serving him.

Rank : S

Noir (Black) – Diablo

Diablo is one of Rimuru Tempest's subordinates and is Rimuru's most powerful subordinate. Diablo was summoned after Rimuru massacred thousands of enemy soldiers. Diablo will appear in the latest Season of Tensura and we will witness the massacre committed by Rimuru Tempest.

Species : Demon Peer

Rank : S

Blanc (White) – Testarossa

Testarossa Is one of Rimuru Tempest's subordinates who is very strong. Testarossa became Rimuru's subordinate after he was recruited and made a subordinate by Diablo.

Rank : S

Jaune (gold/yellow) – Carrera

Carrera Also part of Rimuru's powerful subordinate. Carrera is a very "cheerful" person, he gets bored easily and to relieve his boredom he sometimes launches nuclear :D. Previously there had been attempts to recruit Carrera. He was Leon's knight, however Carrera rejected him and finally accepted Diablo's recruit.

Species : Demon Peer

Rank : S

Violet (purple/violet) – Ultima

Ultima is also a Primordial Demon who joined Rimuru Tempest's army after Diablo recruited him. Ultima is a cute woman in her army clothes, she is very cute and sadistic.

Rank : S

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