7 Prospective Magic Emperor Successors After Julius Novachrono | Black Clover

7 Prospective Magic Emperor Successors After Julius Novachrono | Black Clover

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7 Prospective Magic Emperor Successors After Julius Novachrono | Black Clover

Julius Novachrono is the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom. But sooner or later he must be replaced by a magic knight who has more Potential to become a Magic Emperor. In the Clover Kingdom there are several Suitable Candidates to replace the Position of Magic Emperor Julius.

Candidates for the successor to the Magic Emperor in the Clover Kingdom are those who are able to protect and respect all elements of society in the Clover kingdom. So the nature of wanting to protect and not distinguish between nobles and commoners was the main requirement to become a magic emperor.

Julius Novachronodid not differentiate between nobles and commoners. This was shown when he defended Asta and Yuno at the magic knight squad's Star award party. He said that in the Clover kingdom anyone can become a magic emperor and anyone can protect the clover kingdom.

Then Julius also sacrificed his life to protect all the people in the Clover kingdom. So these two conditions are the main requirements that must be met by the Clover Kingdom's Magic Emperor Successor candidate.

The Prospective Successor of the Magic Emperor After Julius Novachrono in the Clover Kingdom

Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is the Magic Commander of the Black Bull Squad. Despite his disheveled appearance and nature, he has a sense of wanting to protect and care for all walks of life.

Yami is not from the Clover Kingdom, but he is a magic knight who was swept away and landed in the clover kingdom. Yami is from Hino Country.

All members of the Black Bull squad are outcasts. That means all magic commanders don't want all the magic knights but yami recruits them regardless of the background of the magic knights.

Not only is he kind-hearted, he also has immense power and he is even able to slash demons using his Dimensional Splitting magic. So, with his great kindness and strength. Yami is able to become the next magic emperor.

William Vangeance

William is the Commander of the Golden Dawn Squad. From the beginning of the Black Clover story, it has been discussed that William is the strongest successor to replace Julius Novachrono.

William led the troops with a myriad of extraordinary achievements and he also had the strength and composure in the face of any situation. William possesses World Tree Magic which is able to grant and control the entire Clover kingdom's Magic Mana.

At first glance the magic he uses is the same as the time magic used by Julius. Julius uses his Time Magic to protect the entire Clover kingdom from the Elves' attacks. Well, with the power that William has, of course, he can protect the entire Clover kingdom.

Then he also has a kind nature, although his kindness is used by the elves to attack the clover kingdom. And also he doesn't look at a person's status, this is proven by Yuno's entry into the Golden Dawn Squad.

Mereoleona Vermillion

The next Magic Emperor Successor is Mereoleona. Mereoleona is a royal Magic Knight who focuses on training alone in the depths of the forest. She is also the Strongest Woman in the Clover kingdom.

During the war against the elves, he attacked the elf base and destroyed several of the elven warriors with his own strength. Mereoleona has a loving nature even though the way it is delivered is too harsh.

His loyalty to the kingdom and his immense power make him the strongest candidate to be the successor to the magic emperor after Julius.

Fuegoleon Vermillion Mereoleona

's younger sister also has the ability to be the successor of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Emperor. Fuegoleon is the commander of the Crimson Lion squad who has the prestige and wisdom as the commander of the magic knights.

He sometimes cooled the atmosphere among the commanders. And then he also respects those who are under him like he considers Asta to be a great magic knight regardless of Asta's background who is a commoner.

He also has a Fire Dragon Salamander who becomes a fire spirit to aid him in battle. His strength and the strength of the Salamanders are brought together thanks to his care for everyone.

Nozel Silva

Nozel Silva is the Commander of the Silver Eagle squad. He has a rare power that is the power of Mercury Magic. Then he is also a commander who cares about his members.

Judging from his status and strength, Nozel is able to become the successor of the clover kingdom's magic emperor. Nozel has calm and strength above average and he is even able to fight in a dying state against Elves.


It might sound too soon for Asta to be classified as a Magic Emperor's successor. But seeing the condition of Julius who is still healthy and strong, it's not impossible that Asta struggles and trains until he becomes ready to become a Magic Emperor.


Yuno is the possessor of the Sylph Spirit (Wind Spirit). Later he was also a Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn. So He has the power to become a Magic Emperor. (Asta and Yuno Compete To become Magic Emperor) however they are both still too EARLY and inexperienced.

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