Black Clover Just Gave Up His Biggest Victory To Asta

Black Clover Just Gave Up His Biggest Victory To Asta

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Black Clover Just Gave Up His Biggest Victory To Asta

Black Clover is now working on the first big fight of the final arc of Yuki Tabata's original manga series, and the cliffhanger of the latest chapter of the series has given Asta his biggest win so far.

The final Black Clover of the series has had a very exciting start to the series, because following Asta's loss to Lucius Zogratis, he is sent to the foreign Land of the Sun and begins to master a new technique that will allow him to close the power gap between the two of them. In the latest chapter, now more possible than ever.

Asta's time in the land of the sun not only taught him how to use the Zetten technique, but also brought him closer to the country's seven most powerful warriors, the Ryuzen Seven.

With the Paladins that Lucius sent all but defeated in the series in the recent chapter, Asta and the seven then join their respective powers together for an all-out attack on the dragon to take it down and to defeat it for all eternity. For more details, let's look at the discussion!

What's Asta's New Big Win in the Anime Series in Black Clover?

In chapter 352 of Black Clover sees Ryuya Ryudo teaming up with the Ryuzen Seven for one final strike on the five headed dragon.

Ryuya uses the power of Tengentsu to set up a final strategy against the dragon with Asta as the point to deliver his strongest attack.

Gathering all of their strength together for a strategy that will unite all five heads, Asta will need to use his strongest Zetten technique to cut off each of the heads at once.

With each member pushing themselves to the brink to set each dragon's head for the final strike, Ichika Yami then joins the fight as well to help set the final head.

Leaving Asta to deal the finishing blow, he manages to chop off all the heads at once and end this really great fight. It is clear that he is now ready for the final battle that will come when Judgment day begins in the Clover Kingdom later in the series.

That's a brief discussion about Asta's victory in the latest series from Black Clover.



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