Facts and 5 Strengths of Noritoshi Kamo (Pseudo-Geto) "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Most Evil Jujutsu Magician in History

Facts and 5 Strengths of Noritoshi Kamo (Pseudo-Geto) "Jujutsu Kaisen", the Most Evil Jujutsu Magician in History

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Noritoshi Kamo is the Greatest Villain in the history of Jujutsu Wizards. Currently he is a Pseudo-Geto and Started a War in the Shibuya Incident.

Noritoshi Kamo is the most evil wizard in the history of the Jujutsu Wizards, he is also a disgrace to the Kamo Family. When viewed from his original appearance, Noritoshi Kamo is an old man with short hair that is slicked back and has a thin mustache. Meanwhile, in Geto's form, Noritoshi Kamo has the same body shape as Geto, so it is very difficult to distinguish real and fake Geto.

Noritoshi Kamo Facts (Pseudo-Geto) – Ancestors

In the Meiji Era, the experiments carried out by Noritoshi Kamo were vile and cruel. But he didn't have the slightest feeling of hating or violating "Humanity". Noritoshi Kamo thinks everything is going according to his wishes and hopes to provide the last "Evolution" for mankind.

Kara's Experiments were so Violent, Everything related to the "Outcome" of the Experiment was destroyed. Then Noritoshi Kamo is considered the most evil wizard in the history of Jujutsu. In addition, he has also tarnished the name of the Kamo Family.

Noritoshi Kamo lived more than 150 years ago, at that time he had successfully carried out an experiment that resulted in Cursed Womb: Death Paintings. Noritoshi Kamo's body is inhabited by many "Older" "Entities". Then the same person from the “Entity” assumed the “Identity” of Geto who was “Presumed” had died. So this is where the name Pseudo-Geto comes from.

Inside Geto's body, Noritoshi Kamo has a very calm and arrogant nature. He is willing to cooperate and make friends with cursed spirits like Mahito and the others. But Noritoshi Kamo always looks down on the Cursed Spirits who think that they are equal to humans.

Noritoshi Kamo thinks that the next stage of human “Evolution” is Optimizing the cursed Energy. All of that became the basis of his experiments.

The Power of Noritoshi Kamo (Pseudo-Geto) – Ancestor

of Body Possession – Suguru Geto

Currently Noritoshi Kamo makes Suguru Geto's Body as his parent body. That way, he could easily use all of Suguru Geto's abilities and Jujutsu Techniques. In addition, Noritoshi Kamo also has all of Geto's memories and uses them as information to seal Gojo.

Sugru Geto's Spirit Manipulation Technique:

  • Cursed Spirit, Using Geto's Body, Noritoshi has the ability to acquire and control cursed spirits.
  • The God of Ccara (Smallpox Deity), Noritoshi also has a Special Grade Cursed Spirit which has its own unique Domain.
  • Mahito, Naritoshi get Mahito and then he has access to silent mode/Transfiguration Technique.
  • Maximum Uzumaki, This technique combines many spirits which will later be used as attacks.

So the Power of Noritoshi Kamo (Pseudo-Geto) is the same as the Strength of Suguru Geto. His true abilities will be shown in the next Season of Jujutsu Kaisen. so to see more details, we are waiting for the action of Fake Suguru Geto in Season 2 Jujutsu Kaisen.

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