Gojo Sealed By Geto (Pseudo-Geto) "Jujutsu Kaisen", Shibuya Incident Arc

Gojo Sealed By Geto (Pseudo-Geto) "Jujutsu Kaisen", Shibuya Incident Arc

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Shibuya Incident Arc shows Satoru Gojo Sealed By Geto, In that incident there were many very interesting battles. Gojo is a very strong character and it will even be very difficult to beat him. For that reason, all of his enemies planned to seal Gojo using a special item of the prison realm.

Shibuya Incident Arc is one of the best arcs in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. There are many events that are very gruesome and interesting to witness. The plan for the attack on the Shibuya Incident Arc is very mature and all the jujutsu magicians are preparing to block the plans of the curses. Everyone involved and even the characters who rarely appeared, took part in the fight in the incident.

Gojo Sealed By Geto (Pseudo-Geto)

Satoru Gojo is the strongest character in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, he has enormous power and balances the world. With his enormous strength, Gojo can easily defeat all his enemies using only a few of his abilities (Until now, many of Gojo's main abilities are kept secret).

Almost all the enemies in the Shibuya Incident Arc together fight Gojo and lead him to an indefinite prison. But their efforts were fruitless, Karna Gojo could easily dodge and attack them all. In order to catch and trap Gojo in a special item of prison realm, They need 1 minute to prepare everything. However, within 1 minute, Gojo must be caught first (Silence, not moving).

After their efforts were fruitless, Pseudo-Geto appeared before Gojo. For some reason, Gojo was silent seeing the circumstances that showed Geto's awakening. At that time Gojo was silent for 1 minute which was enough time for Pseudo-Geto to seal Gojo.

After Gojo was caught, he questioned who the man in front of him was. After some time, Pseudo-Geto admits that he is not Geto and he can move by using or moving his brain.

After Gojo was sealed in prison, he entrusted everything to his comrades. On the other hand, Yuta has returned from his training and is ready to help everyone.

There was a possibility that Satoru Gojo could have escaped from the Prison Realm that sealed him. But it seems he wants to see the ability of Yuta who just finished his training.

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