Henry Legolant "Black Clover", Can Absorb Magic Energy

Henry Legolant "Black Clover", Can Absorb Magic Energy

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Henry Legolant "Black Clover", Can Absorb Magic Energy

Henry Legolant is a member of the Black Bulls who has a special ability to absorb Magic Energy from people nearby. Henry is introduced when the Black Bull Headquarters is attacked by an enemy allied with the Elves.

Henry Legolant is always in his room with the excuse that he doesn't want to absorb the magical energy of his friends. Then he also has a disease that until now only Yami knew about it. Henry always changes the Door Position of the Black Bull headquarters. It is considered a ghost by all his colleagues except Asta and Yami.

Henry comes out of his room and joins the fight after seeing his friends being beaten by the enemy. And he appears with a Bull Robot made from the Black Bull Headquarters.

Henry Legolant Facts

Speak Slowly and Softly

One of the traits and characteristics of Henry is that he speaks slowly. His speech sounded like the spelling of Kata which made it difficult for his colleagues to understand.

Despite his slow speech, Henry always spoke softly and lovingly.

Full of Love and Care

Henry Legolant loves his friends very much. He was willing to sacrifice himself in order to save his comrades. Not only that, he always puts the safety of his comrades above his own safety.

Outcast Noble

Henry Is someone who was born into a noble family. But because he has a strange disease, which is a disease that requires him to absorb other people's magical energy, he becomes a strange human.

Actually he was with his family but after some time later, his family left henry in the house which is now the headquarters of the black bull. Dying, Yami arrives and recruits him to become a member of the black bull.

A Superintendent of "Black Bull Squad"

While in his room he still looks after all his colleagues and considers them all his friends and brothers. Perhaps that was the reason why the Black Bull's base was always changing its shape.

Every enemy that enters the Black Bull's base. The enemy is always trapped in it and can not get out again.

Can Absorb Magic Energy

Henry can absorb the magic energy of someone nearby. Even Yami also often goes out of Headquarters just to recover his magic energy. It showed that his magic absorption ability was indeed great.

Henry's powers Legolant

Henry uses a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains the Reset spell. This means that he can arrange certain Objects into the shape he wants. Like he turned the Black Bull Headquarters intoRobotBull.

Recombination Magic

can shape and transform objects such as his Room and House into any shape he wants. For example, he uses his room and house to become arobotfilled with magical energy.

Some of the Recombination Magic that have been used:

  • The Raging Black Bull
    Rearrange the Black Bull Headquarters into a very large Bull Robot. In the Fighting Mode, the bull robot stands on 2 legs and is able to give fists and cannon attacks towards the enemy. While in Bull Charging Mode it will walk on 4 legs.
  • Mana Corkscrew
    Used to attack the enemy with a turn of the Hand towards the enemy. The hand spin resembles a giant drill digging into the ground.
  • Rocket Punch Mana
    is used to launch parts of his hand which then the hand can be pulled back.
  • Mini Bull
    forms a Mini Robot Bull. But this Robot can fly and transport several people.

Mana Absorption

Henry can absorb mana from people near him. Then he used it to cast a spell he had. When inside the house he can absorb mana regularly. But when outside the house the absorption is erratic.

Great Magic Power

He was able to rearrange the black bull's base without looking exhausted. Then he can also control his rearrangement so that it becomes the shape he wants. That way he definitely has a lot of magical energy.

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