One Punch Man Chapter 169 Confirms Genos Is Still Alive

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Confirms Genos Is Still Alive

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One Punch Man Chapter 169 Confirms Genos Is Still Alive

Finally, what fans have been waiting for, One Punch Man Chapter 169 will be released soon.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming manga chapters as early leaks have arrived for One Punch Man Chapter 169.

Yusuke Murata gives One Punch Man fans goosebumps with the release of each new chapter/chapter. The author continues to amaze fans with intricate and beautifully illustrated manga chapters.

Garou emits a God-like aura that allows him to create nuclear explosions and gamma explosions. Saitama has activated his rage mode and the amazing ending of the last chapter has made fans curious about the next chapter.

The previous chapter of One Punch Man was really surprising as the intense improvement from the last few chapters finally paid off when Saitama defeated Garou with his serious punch. We also witnessed Saitama blowing Jupiter away with a sneeze and Garou's ultimate move to send Saitama back in time. The fight is over but there are still some questions left to be answered in One Punch Man Chapter 169.

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Summary

The fight between Saitama and Garou continues on Io Jupiter, with Garou being gradually defeated by the hero. With his clothes blown off by the wind and exposed to the frigid atmosphere of Jupiter's moon, Saitama launches a Serious Sneeze at Garou, who can barely get away. The sneeze shattered Io's surface and spread all the way to Jupiter itself, tearing the giant planet's gas surface apart.

After imitating Garou's ability to manipulate time, the subatomic particles in Saitama's body begin to move together, causing him to travel back in time. As Garou looks up at the sky, Saitama defeats him with Zero Punch. However, the concept of time travel has not been explained as Saitama has regained his torn costume. The next chapter will provide more details on this.

Summary of One Punch Man Chapter 169

This chapter continues with Saitama giving back the energy core to Genos. After receiving it, Genos regains all the lost memories of the future because now he knows exactly what happened between Saitama and Garou. He tries to convey this to Saitama as well but due to talking too much, Saitama seems completely removed during the conversation.

In the next panel, we can see that Garou is being ganged up by other lower class heroes as they beat him to a pulp. Tareo tries to save Garou by interrupting in between and he is supported by the King who scares the other heroes. Taking advantage of this situation, Garou disappears once again as the chapter ends with the appearance of the spaceship of the Hero Association.

Release Date One Punch Man chapter 169

The One Punch Man manga by ONE and Yusuke Murata is published in Shueisha's Tonori no Young Magazine which releases a new issue every Saturday. However, unlike other manga series, One Punch Man does not follow a release schedule, which is quite strange since most manga are released on a weekly or monthly basis. However, for OPM the schedule is random and the author is allowed to publish chapters whenever he wants.

Despite having so much freedom, Murata is not a lazy writer and works like a maniac. In most cases, new chapters are released on the first Saturday of each month or the last.

This time, One Punch Man Chapter 169 is scheduled for release on August 4, 2022 at 12.00 WIB. The release date may vary for some international readers due to time zone differences but, it will be the previous day or the next day of the initial release.

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