Overlord Season 1 Anime Synopsis, The Witch Who Was Trapped !!

Overlord Season 1 Anime Synopsis, The Witch Who Was Trapped !!

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Overlord Season 1 Anime Synopsis, The Witch Who Was Trapped !!

A gamer who is trapped in the game world and then he becomes the demon king in a new world.

A DMMO-RPG Game that presents the original form in a game like conditions in the real world. This game is YGGDRASIL launched in the year 2126 anime time. Then In this game has a very large area and a very real environment. So many players make this game a favorite and popular in Japan.

This game is entering the end of a shutdown that makes the players quit and log-out en masse. But Momonga wanted to wait until the end of the game's closing which got him stuck in it.

After being trapped in the game world Momonga gathered the floor guards on the open stage of the 6th floor of Nazarick. The meeting discussed about NPCs to the environment around Nazarick which was different from its initial appearance.

The known line-up of the Guardians of the Floor of Nazarick (season 1)

The Guardian Overseer is Albedo. The Guardian of the 1-3 floors is Shalltear Bloodfallen.
4th floor guard Gargantua, 5th floor guard Cocytus, 6th floor guard Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore, 7th floor guard Demiurge and 8th floor guard Victim.

Demiurge's Misunderstanding

Perhaps this was the beginning of why Nazarick conquered the world. In episode 2 Momonga went to get some fresh air and accidentally met a demiurge.

Demiurge accompanied Momonga around the Nazarick's tomb to see the stars. Then there was a conversation between the two, Momonga said "I came here to pick up a jewel box that no one has ever gotten". Then Demiurge replied by saying "we are ready to use all of Nazarick's troops to get it".

In this scene there is something interesting, Momonga daydreams and says"Perhaps conquering the world is interesting too". Now that sentence was taken seriously by Demiurge and that's where Momonga's Adventure Story began.

Rescue of Carne Village and Encounter with Gazef Stronoff

Episode 3 tells about the attack of a group of troops into a small village. There were many people who were massacred. After seeing what happened, Momonga actually didn't want to help the village. But because he was reminded of Touch Me who saved him first, he rushed to the village with full strength.

After saving the village, Momonga searches for information about the new world in Carne Village and becomes a hero for saving the village.

Gazef Stronoff is the royal Chief Warrior who has above average strength and is tasked with eradicating the intruders in the villages. The meeting with Momonga took place in the village of Carne which was followed by a fight against the Book of the Sun (Slane's Theocracy).

First Journey as an Adventurer

Momonga searches for information in the city and becomes an adventurer. The Main Team who received him was the Dark Sword Team who accidentally took him on a mission together.

The mission that was accidentally carried out was the mission of a drug expert, Nfirea Bareare. His mission is to escort Nfirea to the forest near the village of Carne in search of medicinal plants that are guarded by the monster of wisdom.

On the way Momonga gets some fights such as against Orge and the Wise Forest Monster who is a hamster. Then the monster was made his subordinate and adventure together.

The Battle Against Khajit and the Adventurer's Hunter

Khajit is a criminal who is performing a ritual to destroy the city. And Narberal Gamma defeated the khajit by using his top tier magic. Meanwhile, the Adventurer Hunters were defeated by Momonga in a very cruel way.

Shalltear Bloodfallen's Rebellion

One of Ainz Ooal Gown's subordinates (momonga) betrayed. Perhaps it was more accurate that he was being controlled by someone he didn't know.

Shalltear was on her way to search for information and accidentally ran into pirates. The pirate was defeated easily by shalltear but there was another villain who was more dangerous.

They are an unknown group of people in S1. What makes this interesting is that the group can control the shalltear which has extraordinary powers.

After making Shalltear out of control then the group disappeared and let Shalltear fight Nazarick. Well, long story short, Shaltear was defeated directly by Ainz (Momonga) and was resurrected with a blurry memory.

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