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Serpent Breathing Obanai Iguro "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba"

02 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Serpent Breathing Obanai Iguro, Snake breathing fighting style is a very unique technique and very difficult to learn. Users can adjust movements and attacks that resemble snakes in general, their movements will be very difficult for opponents to read. All of that was proven, when Obanai fought Muzan and he managed to corner Muzan who was a demon king.

Obanai Iguro is one of the Hashira who has great power and he became one of the strongest swordsmen in the entire demon slayers corps organization. His ability is very unique and very strong, Using a very deadly snake breath he managed to withstand Muzan's attack in the last fight.

Serpent Breathing Obanai Iguro

Snake Breathing is a very unique and deadly fighting style, the user can move quickly like a snake's curvature and then attack the opponent with an "impossible" slash. Obanai is one of the strongest Hashira and can defend and balance his speed against muzan.

The snake's breathing style was created by himself and he could master it perfectly. This fighting style uses the same movement as the movement of a snake. His very unique moves make this technique difficult to deal with.

First Form: Winding Serpent Slash (Ichi no kata: Idagiri)

This technique is used with a very unique movement. The user moves like a snake and then releases a slash in a tortuous pattern. This technique allows the user to attack enemies quickly and is difficult to dodge.

Second Form: Venom Fangs of the Narrow Head

Second Form: Venom Fangs of the Narrow Head (Ni no kata: Kyōzu no Dokuga) is a technique that relies on the user's movement speed to run to the back of the opponent and then slash his head.

Third Form: Coil Choke (San no kata: Toguro Jime)

Third Form: Coil Choke (San no kata: Toguro Jime) is a snake breathing technique that is used by circling the opponent at an extraordinary speed and then slicing his opponent from all sides. direction.

Fourth Form: Twin-Headed Reptile

Fourth Form: Twin-Headed Reptile (Shi no kata: Keija Sōsei), This technique is used by jumping to the front and then moving horizontally to cut the target.

Fifth Form: Slithering Serpent

Fifth Form: Slithering Serpent (Go no kata: En'en Chōda), The user bends his sword in multiple directions and slices through all his opponents simultaneously. This technique is used to kill hordes of enemies with one hit.

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