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Synopsis Ars no Kyojuu

28 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Synopsis Ars no Kyojuu


Synopsis Ars no Kyojuu

Synopsis Ars no Kyojuu (Giant Beasts of Ars) which tells about a man's journey with his friends in saving the city. They experience various things and a great secret begins to be revealed little by little. Everyone prepares to accept the reality and the never-ending battle.

Anime Ars no Kyojuu (Giant Beasts of Ars) is one of the newest anime released in winter 2023, this anime has a very good storyline. An endless battle and also a huge secret will be revealed clearly. Everything is intertwined and they are ready to face it.

Synopsis Ars no Kyojuu

Ars no Kyojuu (Giant Beasts of Ars) anime synopsis: In Ars, mankind led a war against giant monsters that were very terrible and dangerous. All of that lasted for tens of years. The monstrous gigantic monster destroyed the land and also took all the available resources.

Those who are able to fight against these terrible monsters are called Nagimori who harness the destructive power of kannagi, Beings endowed with uncontrollable magical powers. They are in charge of fighting terrible monsters and protecting everything that belongs to humanity.

Jiiro who is a former nagimori cooperates with some of his friends to go on a trip and make a contract. They are trying to save the city from the attack of terrible monsters. Together, They travel and fight monsters.

A big secret started to be revealed very clearly. Does Jiiro have a big secret?


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