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Synopsis Do It Yourself!!, Latest Anime Slice of Life Fall 2022

01 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Synopsis Do It Yourself!!, Latest Anime Slice of Life Fall 2022


Synopsis Do It Yourself!!, Latest Anime Slice of Life Fall 2022

Synopsis Do It Yourself!! which tells the story of a group of high school girls trying to complete the Do It Yourself!! (DIY). This anime is one of the Slice of Life anime with a very good original storyline.

Anime Do It Yourself!! is one of the best anime this season with a Score of 7.51 Mal Version (this score can change at any time), the storyline is also very good and interesting to watch. Anime Do It Yourself!! has a very good storyline, you can watch all the episodes to witness the struggles of high school girls in working on a project.

Anime Information:

Title: Do It Yourself!! (DIY!!)

Type: TV

Episode: 12

Status: Now

Airing: Oct 6, 2022, until?

Premiere: Fall 2022 (Fall 2022)

Studios: Pine Jam

Source: Original

Genre: Slice of Life

Synopsis Do It Yourself!!

Synopsis anime Do It Yourself!!: The development of the industry is developing very quickly, the latest technology has developed very rapidly throughout the world. That way, schools have incorporated this technology into the curriculum and then abandoned the old ways.

One of the schools implementing such a curriculum is the Yuyu Girls Vocational School, where Serufu Yua and his childhood friend, Miku “Purin” Suride, have enrolled. One day, Serufu had a bicycle accident and he met Rei who later helped him in repairing his bicycle.

Serufu realizes that Rei has a passion for using ancient crafting techniques and is also the head of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Club which is in danger of being closed due to a lack of members.

Serufu decides to enter the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Club with the aim of repairing his relationship with purin, Serufu wants to fight together again. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Club welcomes new faces to their club. There are many very interesting stories along the way.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) club not only makes crafts, but they also live a very enjoyable life on every trip.



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