Synopsis High Card

Synopsis High Card


Synopsis High Card


Synopsis High Card

Synopsis of the anime High Card which tells about a young man's journey to provide the best for his friends and orphanage. The path that he went through was very difficult because he was caught in an incident related to a mysterious card with unexpected power. All of that became the main story of the main character.


Anime High Card is one of the newest anime released in early 2023, this anime with the action fantasy genre has a very good storyline. There are lots of exciting battles using cards or firearms in general, all of which look really scary.

Synopsis High Card

Synopsis of High Card anime: After learning that his orphanage is experiencing a financial crisis and will be closed, Finn, who lives freely on the streets, has an idea to save it, which is to play cards in a casino. But what he found was not an ordinary game, but a shooting battle was clearly visible in front of him.


This incident became the beginning of the main story, Finn took away a mysterious card that was said to be able to make him rich. But someone who was after the card didn't stay silent and chased Finn using his car.


A secret begins to unfold slowly, the mysterious card can apparently be used to "Use" the power of friends and the world is controlled by a set of 52 X-Playing cards that have super powers. The card can give its owner different superhuman powers.


By using the card, users can find or use the power of "Friends" that are in them.


A secret and mysterious group called High Card is under the direct orders of King Fourland. All of that adds to the excitement of everyone collecting cards to fulfill their mission or wish.


A fierce battle among card-obsessed players, driven by justice, passion and revenge, is about to begin!




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