Synopsis of Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 10

Synopsis of Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 10


Synopsis of Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 10

Synopsis of Isekai Yakkyoku episode 10, The emergence of a new disease or virus has a huge impact on the world. Farma and his friends try to solve all the problems that occur and make new drugs.

The Isekai Yakkyoku anime is one of the best anime this season with a very interesting storyline and different from other isekai anime, the Isekai Yakkyoku anime takes the theme of health. In the storyline, the god of pharmacy becomes part of people's lives in the new world and all of that becomes one of the main stories in the Isekai Yakkyoku anime.

Synopsis of Isekai Yakkyoku Episode 10

Synopsis of the anime Isekai Yakkyoku: A new disease appears in the imperial area, everyone assumes that the plague cannot be eliminated or cured. But Farma already has a way to deal with it, He made a very big move and then prepared a new drug to treat everyone affected by the plague.

Deadly epidemics are one of the disasters that occur in the world, these disease outbreaks are very easy to spread and have a huge impact on everyone who is exposed to them. Because it has a very high level of danger, the plague is considered incurable and no one can examine all of it.

Farma has studied the outbreak of the disease and managed to come up with conclusions and new drugs that can overcome all of these problems. The big movement was immediately carried out by everyone. The struggle started very well and all of it was aimed at stopping the spread of this deadly disease.

Farma has prepared new drugs to deal with deadly disease outbreaks, but all of them must be assisted by all parties so that the rescue process goes well. The battle will begin soon, Everyone's struggle against the plague will be a very historic struggle.


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