Synopsis of Muhikaburi-hime, Latest Anime Drama Romance

Synopsis of Muhikaburi-hime, Latest Anime Drama Romance

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Synopsis of Muhikaburi-hime, Latest Anime Drama Romance


Synopsis of Muhikaburi-hime, Latest Anime Drama Romance

Synopsis of Muhikaburi-hime which tells about a love story full of romance in every episode. Everything looks full of drama. Mushikaburi-hime anime has a very good storyline and everything looks very romantic.

Muhikaburi-hime anime is one of the anime with a very exciting storyline. The storyline is very good. A romantic story with a distinctive drama, complemented by a fantasy world that is very supportive in every storyline. All of the characters have a very distinctive appearance as a princess and a prince.

Anime Muhikaburi-hime has a very interesting storyline, Anime Muhikaburi-hime has a score of 7.08 in the MAL version (can change at any time). With this sizable score, Anime Mushikaburi-hime has become one of the best anime with the Drama Romance genre this season.

Synopsis of Muhikaburi-hime

Synopsis of the anime Muhikaburi-hime: Tells about a princess who is very fond of "reading books" and spends her days reading books. All of that was a habit of the noble Bernstein family who loved books more than anything else.

Elianna Bernstein is a princess who always spends her time reading books. But she didn't become a "Bookworm" and instead became known as the Bibliophile Princess.

About 4 years ago, Christopher Selkirk Asherald gave Elianna special arrangements. Christopher Selkirk Asherald said that if Elianna became his fiancé, then Elianna could spend all her time reading books.

Christopher Selkirk Asherald is a crown prince who has great responsibilities in the future and he also has access to the royal library.

Elianna Bernstein agreed to the proposal with the aim of gaining access to the royal archives which have a large selection of books. Until now, Elianna Bernstein believed that her love story was not romantic and she felt that her love story would end very quickly.

But all that was not according to his thoughts, Elianna and Christopher entered a new chapter full of romantic stories.

Elianna and Christopher gradually showed a very genuine closeness. They understood each other very well.



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