Synopsis Overlord Season 4 Episode 6, Legendary Dwarf

Synopsis Overlord Season 4 Episode 6, Legendary Dwarf

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Synopsis Overlord Season 4 Episode 6, Legendary Dwarf

Synopsis anime overlord season 4 episode 6 which tells about the Dwarves and their ability to make legendary runes. Ainz and several of his bodyguards went to the Dwarven tribal area to cooperate in the creation of runes. They departed and arrived very quickly to their destination.

Anime overlord season 4 is one of the best anime in the summer of 2022, the storyline is very interesting and there are many conflicts and big battles that will occur along the storyline. Territory expansion is one of the missions to be completed, then a big battle will follow.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 6 Synopsis Overlord

season 4 episode 6: Ainz and some of his subordinates go to the border area to meet the Dwarves, the main mission is to cooperate or establish good relations with the Dwarves. Ainz wanted to create the legendary runes that many of the inhabitants of the new world had abandoned by now.

Original runes are rarely used, because rune-making technology has used modern methods. However, there are some Dwarves who still maintain the old tradition of making legendary runes. All of that Ainz wanted to maximize to make runes like the old days.

The creation of the original runes made by the Dwarves would be very profitable for Nazarick, therefore Ainz began to establish a good cooperation to make the runes.

But all that did not go easily, because there are several parties who aim to destroy the Dwarf nation. In episode 6 will be shown the battle in the territory of the Dwarf nation. Ainz would try to protect the Dwarves from the attacks of the villains there.

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