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Synopsis Renai Flops, Divination and a Very Interesting Love Story

11 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Synopsis Renai Flops, Divination and a Very Interesting Love Story


Synopsis Renai Flops, Divination and a Very Interesting Love Story

Anime Renai Flops is the latest original anime with a very interesting storyline, a love story that started from a prophecy becomes the best storyline. The main character in the anime Renai Flops is looking for true "Love" and all of that is not an easy thing.

Anime Renai Flops is an Original anime released in the Fall 2022 season, Anime Renai Flops is scheduled to have 12 Episodes starting on October 12, 2022. Anime Renai Flops has a storyline with Comedy, Romance and Ecchi genres with a Harem & School theme. Part of the story takes place at school with a very unique love story of several young girls who love 1 ordinary boy.

Renai Flops Synopsis Renai Flops

anime synopsis: A prophecy come true, Asahi Kashiwagi lives a normal life as a student in high school. He does his usual activities, Goes to school and studies with his friends.

One day, Asahi Kashiwagi hears a prophecy on TV that he considers ordinary nonsense. But unexpectedly all these predictions one by one became a very real event and even was at a very "warm and tempting" level.

Divination or maybe destiny has pulled 5 beautiful girls to the path of Asahi Kashiwagi's life, She is on a beautiful life for young people. His life began to change very quickly, The existence of these beautiful girls has opened a new path to a life filled with love stories.

Asahi Kashiwagi gets 5 love confessions from beautiful girls who are very seductive, he must follow his heart to find the perfect true love to accompany his life. All of that is not an easy thing, because Asahi Kashiwagi could have met a very painful failure.

The love story begins very interestingly, All of them are met in very seductive circumstances and of course the beginning of their story.


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