11 Strengths of Inosuke Hashibira "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Fighting Style: Beast Breathing

11 Strengths of Inosuke Hashibira "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Fighting Style: Beast Breathing


Fighting Style: Beast Breathing is one of Inosuke Hashibira's Strengths in the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. This ability is centered on extraordinary physical strength. The Beast Breathing Technique is one of the most powerful techniques, because the user can strengthen his entire body when he opens the fangs on his sword.

Inosuke is one of the most important characters and is a part of Team Tanjiro. Growing up with a wild boar, he grew the same feelings and attitudes as his caretaker. At first he could not read and always had trouble pronouncing the names of his friends. But after some time, He started to understand the basics and healed his beast mind (Feeling that people would attack him).

Inosuke Hashibira's Strength – Fighting Style: Beast Breathing

Inosuke has the power of Fighting Style: Beast Breathing which he always uses in every battle against demons. In addition to these abilities, he also has extraordinary physical strength and can survive even though his organs have been destroyed. Until then, Inosuke seemed to have very strong physical strength when compared to other demon slayers.

Beast Breathing is a breathing style that comes from wind breathing and is combined with Inosuke's own breathing style after living in the mountains for a long time. Then Beast Breathing was also inspired by the wild boar that accompanied him in the mountains.

11 Fangs Beast Breathing

Until now there are 11 Fangs that have been mastered by Inosuke, Here's a list of their strengths:

  1. First Fang: Pierce
  2. Second Fang: Slice
  3. Third Fang: Devour
  4. Fourth Fang: Slice 'n' Dice
  5. Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting
  6. Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite
  7. Seventh Form: Spatial Awareness
  8. Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush
  9. Ninth Fang: Extending Bendy Slash
  10. Tenth Fang: Whirling Fangs
  11. Sudden Throwing Strike

The list of Inosuke's strengths above is a beast breathing style that has been seen so far. In a new season later, all these techniques will be shown in more detail.

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