Tanjiro Kamado's 10 Water Breathing Techniques "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba",

Tanjiro Kamado's 10 Water Breathing Techniques "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba",

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Water Breathing Style Tanjiro Kamado's Water Breathing Technique (Water Breathing Technique) is one of Tanjiro's most powerful abilities and became the main breathing force before he replaced it with Hinokami Kagura. With this ability, he managed to defeat many demons and managed to survive in the fight against Upper Rank 6.

The ability or Water Breathing Style is one of the most powerful breathing styles, Tanjiro learned the breathing style from Sakonji Urokodaki. He managed to master the technique and was very proficient in its use. But because his body doesn't match the water breathing style, he replaces his main breathing style with Hinokami Kagura. Even so, he still uses the water-breathing style combined with Hinokami Kagura.

Water Breathing Tanjiro Kamado

There are 10 Forms of Water Breathing that have been mastered by Tanjiro. Here is a brief explanation.

First Form: Water Surface Slash

In the first form, this water breathing force forms a slash that is concentrated in 1 very strong slash. It could be said that in this first form the single slash was terrifying.

Second Form: Water Wheel

In this form, Tanjiro jumps and spins vertically forward in the air. In the process, it rotates rapidly by flowing attacks in a circular motion. In his second form, Tanjiro can use this technique in a Horizontal position. The second form is called Second Form: Improved, Lateral Water Wheel.

Third Form: Flowing Dance

In this form, the attacks of the water breathing force form a dance that follows a certain pattern. The movement of the sword is like being swung and bent so that it forms a circular and patterned dance. In the process, the User can slice everything that is in the pattern/path.

Fourth Form: Striking Tide

Deals consecutive slashes with a twisting force of the body and sword that produces several very powerful blows/slashes.

Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought

“Kindness sword strike” used to behead a “Surrendered” enemy. A slash from this form provides no pain at all.

Sixth Form: Whirlpool

The user very quickly and powerfully twists his body so that it creates a vortex of air that can cut anything inside. This tactic will be stronger if you are near water (or in water) because all the water will strengthen the vortex and slashes his sword.

Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust

Very fast and accurate attack. The user can concentrate the slash on a moving object.

Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin

The user can cut the target vertically. This form is very effective if used in a fallen state.

Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow, Turbulent

Gives changes to the footrest so as to produce a very free movement. It can be said that the user will feel like he is floating and will not damage anything on his feet.

Tenth Form: Constant Flux

Attacks flow continuously and take the form of a water dragon. After continuous attacks it becomes a water dragon, then its strength and destructive power will increase even more.

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