11 The Power of Toge Inumaki "Jujutsu Kaisen", the user of the Curse Spell

11 The Power of Toge Inumaki "Jujutsu Kaisen", the user of the Curse Spell

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Toge Inumaki has the power to bind and paralyze the enemy with just his words. Toge Inumaki has the power of Cursed Speech (Curse Spell) which allows him to bind and immobilize enemies with just a few words.

Toge Inumaki was born with a snake seal and fangs on his tongue and cheeks, these marks come from his family, the Inumaki family. With these marks, he wears clothes that cover his cheeks and lips. It makes him even cooler and more mysterious.

Toge Inumaki is someone who is kind and looks calm in any situation. He is also a strong magician and dares to make decisions. Even so, he always uses his intelligence to act and is not reckless and perfunctory.

Toge Inumaki's

power The power of Toge Inumaki comes from the Seals on his tongue and cheeks. But there are several Jujutsu that he mastered. Toge Inumaki has such great intelligence that he is able to understand how to use high-tech curses. Then he is also a person who is agile and fast to avoid all attacks launched by the enemy.

The power of Toge Inumaki's Jujutsu that has been shown:

Great Cursed Energy

Inumaki's power is in the form of Cursed Speech that he uses and has a high level of curse power, so he needs a lot of cursed aura to use this jujutsu. Then if the use of this jujutsu is excessive, then it will attack his body back (especially in the throat). Now this is the reason why Toge Inumaki always brings cough medicine and vomiting blood.

This ability is able to affect curses that are lower than him, even curses with special types will have difficulty and feel "affected" by the high-level curse words that Toge emits.

Cursed Speech

Toge Inumaki can utter cursed words through his mouth. This is confirmed by the presence of snake seals and fangs on the tongue and cheeks. This ability allows the Inumaki to increase the "Spirit" of his curse. The orders he issued through words would affect people over great distances and force them to obey him.


Jujutsu is used to expel a bunch of weak curses with an explosion. The resulting explosion is quite large, It can be seen when he easily breaks the curse.

Get Twisted

Jujutsu to repel and defeat a level 2 Curse.

Get Crushed

The power of this jujutsu is used to blast the curse to smithereens. It is said that when Inumaki uses this move, his enemy will be flat on the ground. That way, Explaining that this jujutsu is a very powerful jujutsu.

Crumble Away

Crumble Away Is the power of Gravity possessed by Toge Inumaki. When using this jujutsu, the enemy will be pushed down due to heavy gravity in a small area that Inumaki creates. With very heavy gravity, the enemy will easily hit the ground hard. And this Jujutsu he used to defeat Suguru Geto.

Don't Move (Target Paralyze)

The power of this Inumaki Jujutsu allows him to stop whatever he wants. For example, he can stop something/someone by saying “Stop” or “Don't move”. This Jujutsu is used to paralyze the enemy target and the enemy target will not be able to move (Total paralysis).


By using this Jujutsu, Toge Inumaki can make people who hear him sleep (which he ordered). For example, He can put someone to sleep soundly just by saying “Sleep” over the phone.


Return is used to return something or return a creature that has gone. For example, when he orders a dog to track something, he can easily return the dog to him.

Run Away

Run Away is a command to run away or a command that allows him to make someone run without being denied. For example, he can use this jujutsu to save someone from the threat of a curse by telling the target to run away.

Blast Away”

The power of this Jujutsu is used to explode something with enormous damage. The impact of this explosion is capable of vibrating and sending a special grade curse violently. This power is probably the strongest power that has been shown to date from the character of Toge Inumaki.


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