The Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken, Rank System

The Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken, Rank System

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Rank System The Rank system in the Tensura World was created by Yuuki Kagurazaka or rather replaced and set by Yuuki. In the beginning there were 4 Rank systems in the Tensura World, but the System caused a lot of casualties. For that, Yuuki replaced the Rank system with the Letter F System – Special S Rank.

The Rank system refers to the evaluation of a strength or level of danger. All of that applies to the Adventurer's Guild, Monsters or other organizations. This Rank system was created to eliminate casualties in a battle. At first the Rank system was divided into 4 namely:

  • Novice
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced System

The Rank system above was too simple and always resulted in casualties. Therefore, Yuuki Kagurazaka who is a Gransmaster set a new Rank system, namely:

Both Monsters and Adventurers are given Rank F – A. The rank is used to replace the previous rank system. It's as easy as this:

  • Novice, BecomesRank F
  • Beginner, BecomesRank E
  • Intermediate, BecomesRank D
  • Advanced System, Broken back intoRank C, B and A.

Rank above distinguishes between STRONG and STRONG. With the new Rank system, the Death toll decreased further and the safety level greatly increased. In other words, this System was created to protect and organize every fight to be more profitable.

Another explanation might be something like this: An Adventurer will fight a Monster of the same Rank. For example, Adventurers who have Rank B+ will face Monsters with Rank B+. However, to make the battle easier, B+ Rank Adventurers will invite 2 or more partners (Party) with the same Rank. Then the battle can be guaranteed victory.

Threat Level (Monster Rank)

Apart from the above Rank system, There is a Rank System attached to some creatures only. In other words, this Rank is extremely dangerous and poses a real threat to humanity. This Rank system is usually around Monsters or Demons. As we know that in the Tensura World there are very terrible Creatures such as the Angels, Demon Kings and Dragon Races.

Rank A

Rank A or also known as Hazard Class has a threat that can destroy a city or region. This threat level also applies to Rank A- and Rank A+.

Special A Rank

Special A Rank or it can be called Calamity-class has a threat that can overthrow a country. Usually this Threat is on Majin or High Level Devils.

S Rank (Disaster-class)

S Rank is usually only owned by Demon Kings or Monsters/Creatures who have the power to destroy a Great Country. Small countries won't stand a chance against S Ranks. Even Big Countries will have to expend all available resources to overcome S Ranks.

Whoever becomes a True Demon Lord (Octagram/Great Demon Lord Group), then he is already qualified as a Disaster-class S rank.

Special S Rank

Special S Rank or commonly called Catastrophe-class is a Rank that only applies to some Demon Kings, True Dragon Race and cannot be handled by only one country. In order to face the Special S Rank, all of humanity must cooperate internationally to fight or simply struggle to survive.


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