16 Rimuru Tempest Resistance Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

16 Rimuru Tempest Resistance Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

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Rimuru Tempest Resistance Skill is an ability that focuses on rimuru's defense or body resistance. This skill is part of Rimuru's Overpower skill which has been known until now.

This skill usually activates automatically after rimuru gets an attack or something dangerous. There are several Skills that have Resistance abilities, One of them is Great Sage.

Rimuru's Resistance Skill Tempest

Great Sage

Great Sage automatically guarded Rimuru's innermost mind and soul. That way, No one can read Rimuru's mind and soul.


Rimuru has a very strong soul. All of that he got because Rimuru was someone who was reincarnated from another world. Now all that makes rimuru have the possibility to survive only by relying on his "soul".

Cancel Pain

RImuru has resistance and tolerance that gives it resistance / Immunity to pain from physical attacks.

Cancel Temperature Temperature

Immunity. Rimuru has very high resistance to fire, Ice, cold and heat attacks. All of that was seen when Rimuru managed to survive the Ifrit's fire attack.

Cancel Rot


Resistant Electricity

Apart from the body's resistance to “Temperature” based attacks, Rimuru also has a very extraordinary resistance to Electricity based attacks.

Resist Physical Attack

Resist Physical Attack is the ability to tolerate all types of physical attacks. So, Rimuru had a very extraordinary body resistance against any Physical attack.


Rimuru'sWith this skill, Rimuru can never be paralyzed by the opponent. Now this ability is also equipped with a Multy Barrier.

Resist Magic

Apart from Resistance to Physical attacks. Rimuru also has tolerance and resistance to any magic attacks. So the magic attacks aimed at him can be neutralized easily.

Resist Poison

Rimuru has resistance to all kinds of Poisons. This skill also provides resistance to poison type attacks.


Rimuru's Ultimate Skill is not affected by low-level ability types. All that because rimuru is an Ultimate Skill user. So all enemies who want to face rimuru, Must use Ultimate Skill.

Cancel Physical Attack

This skill provides extraordinary resistance to all types of physical attacks. This skill is equipped with Absolute Defense and doubles the effect of Resistance.

Cancel Natural Elements

Resistance to all kinds of natural and physical phenomena. Examples such as lightning strikes, storms and all kinds of other natural phenomena.

Cancel Abnormal Condition

Rimuru has extraordinary resistance to all types of Abnormal conditions. This skill is equipped with Absolute Defense.

Resist Spiritual Attack

Resistance to spiritual attacks that allow Body/Spirit damage. This defense is equipped with Absolute Defense.

Resist Holy and Demonic Attack

Rimuru has an extremely extraordinary resistance to all kinds of attacks with the Holy attribute. This skill is also equipped with Absolute defense.

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