6 Facts about Mjurran "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Traitor in Tempest Jura

6 Facts about Mjurran "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Traitor in Tempest Jura

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Mjurran is one of the characters who became a traitor in Tempest Jura. He becomes part of Youm's group of adventurers to spy on Jura Tempest.

When viewed from her appearance, Mjurran is a very beautiful woman and has very smooth skin. But all of this is just a disguise. Basically Mjurran is a Majin figure who has 3 eyes and a very scary and terrible body shape. But all that can only be seen from the original form only.

Mjurran Tensura Facts

Personality Mjurran

Mjurran has a very high sense of responsibility. He always acts very carefully to give the best results to his Team. All of that was seen when he was in Youm's Adventurer Team. Mjurran looks very serious and gives very perfect direction to all his teammates.

Mjurran's Past

Mjurran is a Magician who conducts extensive research on witchcraft. Mjurran spent his life researching without interacting with other creatures. At the end of his life, Clayman came to offer Mjurran immortality and a youthful body. In the end Mjurran accepted the offer in exchange for being submissive and loyal to Clayman.

Clayman applies a curse on Mjurran to always obey and become his Puppet. So from there, Mjurran was tricked and controlled by Clayman.

One of Clayman

Mjurran's "Five Fingers" is one of Clayman's Five Fingers who acts as a Spy in Jura Tempest. He became part of Youm's group in order to enter and become a spy in the Tempest Jura. After some time, Mjurran fell in love with Youm and finally Clayman gave Mjurran the Final Task to help attack the kingdom of Falmuth.


Mjurran had a very important role in the attack on the Falmuth kingdom to the Tempest Jura. He also became a figure who managed to make Shion die due to the anti-magic shield used by him. Mjurran's last mission given by Clayman was to install Anti-magic in Jura Tempest, so that all the monsters in it could not fight.

The Reason Mjurran Betrayed

Mjurran had reasons in his betrayal to the Tempest Jura. Inside Mjurran's body is the curse "Marionette Heart" which makes him unable to fight Clayman. So Mjurran's betrayal was due to coercion and threats given by Clayman. In addition, Mjurran was also tricked by Clayman. He was given the final mission so that he could be free and marry Youm. But all of that was just a trick given by Clayman.

Mjurran becomes Rimuru's subordinate

After a very tragic incident in Jura Tempest and claimed many lives including Shion. Finally Mjurran and Youm were placed under house arrest by RImuru. They were asked a lot of questions and got to the point where Rimuru found out there was a cursed seal inside Mjurran. The Curse Seal turned out to be just a wiretapping device.

Rimuru pretended he was going to kill Mjurran for betraying Jura Tempest. All of this was done to trick Clayman who was watching Mjurran from a distance. Rimuru inserts Gluttony into Mjurran's body to retrieve the cursed Seal embedded in it (Tap device).

After that, Mjurran became Rimuru's subordinate and accompanied Youm who was assigned as the new King of the Falmuth Kingdom. Mjurran has the main task of making sure all beings (in the Falmuth Kingdom) do not betray Rimuru.

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