3 Facts about Ranga “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Shadow Guardian Wolf Tempest

3 Facts about Ranga “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Rimuru's Shadow Guardian Wolf Tempest

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Ranga is one of Rimuru's subordinates who is very strong and has a very wide area of ​​damage. Then he always follows Rimuru all the time by keeping under Rimuru's shadow and can then appear when summoned. Ranga is also Rimuru's vehicle that Rimuru always rides wherever Rimuru goes.

Ranga Slime Is a wolf that has been defeated by Rimuru, After the Wolf Leader is killed then all wolves submit to RImuru's power. After that they lived side by side with the Goblins and were named by Rimuru. Ranga is very loyal and affectionate towards Rimuru. Ranga is also the leader of the Wolf Clan.

Facts Ranga Tensura

Ranga is the current leader of the Wolf Clan and succeeds his dead father. Besides that, there are some interesting facts about Ranga Slime Tensura, here's the review:

Father Ranga Dies in Rimuru's Hands

When Rimuru first came out of Veldora Cave, he was asked to save the Goblin Village which was originally guarded by Veldora. Now the Goblin village will be attacked by the Wolf Clan, but in the end Rimuru helps the Goblin and kills the Wolf leader, Ranga's father.

But Ranga doesn't have the slightest grudge against Rimuru, and in fact he becomes Rimuru's most loyal and respectful subordinate.


Ranga's Shadow Guardian is Rimuru Tempest's Guardian and Personal Mount. Ranga will always be in Rimuru's shadow and escort Rimuru wherever he goes. When Ranga is away from Rimuru then he will use Telepathy Magic to contact Rimuru in case of an emergency.

Ranga is a Terrible Beast

Ranga is a very strong and loyal subordinate of rimuru. However, he tends to be angry and suspicious of strangers. Like a guard dog, he will be angry if his master is insulted or humiliated. Then Ranga also did not hesitate to destroy the enemy who humiliated him.

Strength Ranga

Ranga has the power of a Hurricane like Dragon Veldora. When he moves his tail it will create a fairly strong whirlwind. In addition, there are several Ranga abilities that have been shown. Here is the list:


  • Death-Heralding Wind
  • Black Lightning
  • Storm of Destruction (evolved from Death Storm)

Internal Skill: Keen Smell

Extra Skill

  • Magic Sense
  • Multilayer Barrier
  • Spatial Travel
  • Communicating Mind
  • Wind Manipulation
  • Shuttle Fly

Unique Skill

  • King of Magewolves
  • Ultra-Instinct
  • Possession Identify
  • Restore & Summon Comrade
  • Common Will Manipulation

Resistance,This resistance is in the form of the ability to recover or sort of block enemy attacks. So with this ability Ranga can defend his body from injury or enemy attacks.

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