8 Demon King Octagram “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”

8 Demon King Octagram “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”

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Demon King Octagram (Eight Star Demon King) is the strongest group of devils in the entire world of Tensura. The Demon King Octagram has an S – SS Rank which is the highest Rank in the Tensura anime. To enter the ranks of the Octagram Demon King, he must defeat one of the existing demon lords or show that he is "Eligible" to become the Demon King.

When someone claims that he is a “Demon King” then it will provoke the Demon King's wrath. So, to become a Demon King, it requires the support of 2 existing Demon Kings or defeating one of the Demon Kings. In the beginning there were 10 Great Demon Kings, But After Rimuru killed Clayman and followed by the resignation of Frey and Karion Then the Demon King left 8 Devils.

Since there were only 8 Demon Lords left, Guy Crimson asked Rimuru to name the Demon Lords Group. Rimuru who is a “Novice” in the Demon King group suggested using the name Octagram which means eight-star Demon King.

Demon King Octagram Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

Demon King Octagram is the strongest group of devils in the world of Tensura. The Demon King has Ranks S to SS, So all who are part of the Demon King Octagram have the potential to destroy the World. Here's a little review of the 8 Octagram Demon Kings:

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson is the Strongest Demon King in the world of Tensura. He became the strongest and oldest among the other Demon Lords. Guy Crimson was also part of the Primordial Demon by the name of Rouge.

Nickname : Lord Of Darkness

Race : Demon

Status : True Demon Lord

Allies of Demon King : Leon, Milim Nava and Ramiris

White Ice Palace

Milim Nava

Milim Nava is the son of Veldanava who is a Dragonoid Race. Milim managed to keep up with Guy Crimson's strength and lasted up to 7 days 7 nights. Then Milim became Rimuru's close friend after Rimuru gave him natural Honey obtained from the Jura forest. Milim has a small and cute body, but her appearance does not reflect her immense strength and is nicknamed the "Destroyer". Milim became the strongest after Guy Crimson.

Nickname : Destroyer

Race : Dragonoid

Status : True Demon Lord

Allied Demon Lord : Guy Crimson, Ramiris and Rimuru Tempest

Residence : Capital of the forgotten dragon


Ramiris is the guardian of the balance of the world of Tensura. It gives divine blessings to protect heroes. Then Ramiris managed to stop the rampage of Guy Crimson and Milim Nava when Milim destroyed a country. Ramiris has always passed on her powers and responsibilities to the next generation,

Nickname : Fairy of Labyrinth

Race : Fairy

Status : Fairy Queen

Allied Demon King : Guy Crimson, Rimuru Tempest, Dino and Milim Nava

Residence : Jura-Tempest Federation


Dagrule is a giant who became part of the Octagram. However, information about this character is still limited.

Nickname : Continent's Wrath

Race : Titan

Allies Demon King : Dino

Residence : Barren Lands

*Information is still limited

Luminous Valentine

Luminous Valentine is the ruler of all existing Vampires. Then he joined the Demon Lord Octagram. Luminous has a haughty nature and values ​​his position as ruler. It was known that Luminous was over 2000 years old and possessed an S rank in the Demon King's Strength level.

Nickname : Queen of Nightmares

Race : Vampire

Status : True Demon Lord Demon

King Allies : Rimuru Tempest

Residence : Holy Empire Ruberios

*Information is still limited


Dino is a “fallen angel” who joined and became the Octagram Demon King. Dino is a demon lord who is lazy with his daily activities being sleeping. Dino often wastes time being lazy, Even so he still cares about his position as a demon lord and he comes from not wanting to stand out.

Dino was given orders by Guy Crimson to be an open spy in Tempest Jura, however his intentions were discovered by Rimuru Tempest and in the end Dino became Ramiris' personal assistant in Tempest Labyrinth.

Nickname : Sleeping Ruler

Race : Fallen Angel

Status : True Demon Lord Demon

King Allies : Rimuru, Ramiris, and Dagruel

Place of residence : Jura Tempest Federation

*Information is still limited

Leon Cromwell

Leon Cromwell was originally a hero summoned from another world. As a hero he was nicknamed the Platinum Sebre and after joining the demon king his nickname was changed to the Platinum Devil. Leon is not good at expressing himself, so he looks sadistic and cruel. In his heart there is a hint of kindness that is implied and hopes to be reunited with his childhood friend, Chloe Aubert.

Leon tried to call his childhood friend but the one he called was Shizue Izawa. Leon became the demon lord after he defeated Kazaream and took his place as the demon lord.

Nickname : Platinum Saber

Race : Demonoid

Status : Chosen Hero

Allied Demon King : Guy Crimson

Residence : Golden Valley El Dorado

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest is the leader of the Tempest Jura Federation, Rimuru became the Demon King after he slaughtered thousands of soldiers of the Falmuth kingdom and killed the demon lord Clayman. Then Rimuru had many very powerful subordinates, One of them was Diablo who was a part of Demon Promordial.

Nickname : Newbie

Race : Slime

Status : True Demon Lord

Allies of the Demon King : Ramiris, Milim, Ruminas and Dino

Residence : Jura Tempest Federation

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