3 Owners of a 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire | Grimoire 5 Leaf

3 Owners of a 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire | Grimoire 5 Leaf

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3 Owners of a 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire | Grimoire 5 Leaf

3 Owners of a 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire | Grimoire 5 Leaf

Grimoire has a clover leaf which is a hallmark of its nature and strength. Grimoire Leaf 5 is a Grimoire owned by a Devil or a Grimoire in which there is a Devil.

Grimoire leaf 5 is created due to despair possessed by someone who has Grimoire Leaf clover 4. So when a magic knight has Grimoire leaf 4 clover then he falls into despair then the Grimoire will turn into Grimoire Leaf clover 5.

Leaf Clover 5 Created from despair somebody. Then the Grimoire that has turned into a 5-leaf Grimoire, then the grimoire can be used by the Devil. This has been shown when Patri got a 5-leaf Grimoire which the devil then took.

The 5 leaf grimoire cannot be destroyed. That is, if the owner of the 5-leaf grimoire has died, the Grimoire will wait for a worthy successor to use it again.

Owners of Grimoire 5 Leaf


Owners Grimoire 5 leaf clover are those who experience despair. However, unlike Asta, Asta gets a 5 Leaf Grimoire because he can't use magic.

In Asta's Grimoire there is the Devil Liebe who has Anti Magic abilities. Because Asta does not have magic energy, he is able to use Liebe 's "Anti-Magic" Power.

Asta can summon an anti-magic sword and then use it to fight and defend. Then he can also use anti-magic power into his body form which is called Demonic Change.

The more anti-magic power that is used, the more Asta will be like the devil.

Patolli (Patri)

Patri gets a 5-leaf clover Grimoire, Caused by the despair he experienced when he found out that the mastermind who wiped out the elves was a demon.

As we know that the Elf Tribe reincarnated and then attacked the Clover kingdom. The attack on the elf tribe is led by Patolli (Patri) who shares a place in William's.

After exiting William Vangeance's, Patri used his magic to reincarnate another elven Tribe and resurrected in the body of a magic knight that bears resemblance to the elven tribe.

After a long battle with the magic knight Clover, Patri's Army formed a huge amount of magical energy to awaken Licht. But when the war took place the Devil appeared and made Patri despair.

Ibilis said that the Elf Tribe was wiped out because of the Devil who masterminded the Human attack against the Elf tribe. Then Patri's despair seemed to not believe everything the devil said, Then it made his Grimoire turn into a Clover 5

Grimoire. After Patri's Grimoire turned into a 5 leaf Grimoire. The devil took it, which was then used to attack all the magic knights in the area. in front of him.

Licht (Leader of the Elf Tribe)

Licht Is the leader of the elven tribe who hopes for peace between humans and elves. Then he also befriends the magic emperor of the Clover kingdom. Not only that, Licht also married the human race who was the younger brother of the first magic emperor.

Licht is a kind elf, even in his heart he doesn't have bad feelings towards humans. But after the devil incited the human aristocrats to exterminate the elven tribe. Licht experienced a very deep despair.

That incident resulted in Licht getting a 5-leaf Grimoire. After he was reincarnated and resurrected into his new body, Licht had a very big anger towards the human race who then attacked Asta da Yuno.

Licht uses Asta's sword to fight. Please note that the sword that Asta uses is the sword that Licht used to use.

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