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4 Reasons Why My Hero Academia Fans Hate Deku You

09 Nov 2022 0 Comments

4 Reasons Why My Hero Academia Fans Hate Deku You

4 Reasons Why My Hero Academia Fans Hate Deku You

already know the reason why My Hero Academia fans hate Deku.

Even though he is the main character of My Hero Academia, Deku provokes a very different response to fans.

Most anime protagonists are universally loved within their fan base, such as Luffy from One Piece.

The same cannot be said for Izuku Midoriya, who is better known as the hero Deku.

Although he maintains high popularity in My Hero Academia, Deku also has a real base of hatred.

There are several reasons why My Hero Academia fans hate Deku for being a polarizing figure in society.

Fans may have very different ideas about what they want from the series.

Revealed the reasons why My Hero Academia fans hate Deku:

  1. He forgave Bakugo too much

At the beginning of My Hero Academia, Bakugo persistently bullied Deku for not having a Quirk. He even gave him the inspiration for his hero's name.

Bakugo even told Deku to end his own life by jumping off the roof.

That's the reason why My Hero Academia fans hate Deku, because he easily forgives Bakugo.

  1. Deku is overshadowed by a more attractive character.

More than a few detractors regard Deku as a bland character. He had almost no flaws that he needed to overcome.

In comparison, Bakugo must learn to control his emotions and work with his teammates.

He even showed his character growth by winning a Joint Training session.

For this reason, Bakugo regularly beats Deku in My Hero Academia polls.

It's rare to see a main character not placed first in their own series.

Deku is even overshadowed by the likes of Shoto Todoroki and Tomura Shigaraki. Their motivation is much more interesting to observe.

  1. His abundance of Quirks took the strain

off the Combined Training Bow breaking the entire fan base.

Deku not only inherits One For All, but every Quirk from the previous user.

The main problem is that he can escape from unwanted situations by relying on random Quirks.

He still has a few unknowns, so fans worry they could be a convenient plot device.

If Deku is in danger, he can suddenly get a power-up out of nowhere.

Some fans would rather have him remain the underdog than be the defeated hero. In My Hero Academia, Deku has far surpassed the other students.

  1. Deku went from average to destined for greatness

. Last point, the reason why My Hero Academia fans hate Deku.

At the start of the series, Izuku Midoriya is an ordinary boy born without a Quirk.

However, after nearly sacrificing himself to save Bakugo from the mud monsters, All Might is impressed by his heroic actions.

This was how Midoriya received his One For All power.

For some fans of My Hero Academia, that takes away the message that was meant that anyone could be a hero.

It turns out that Deku was always meant for greatness simply because he left it to him.



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