3 The Power of Vanessa Enoteca "Black Clover", Can Change Destiny !!

3 The Power of Vanessa Enoteca "Black Clover", Can Change Destiny !!

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3 The Power of Vanessa Enoteca "Black Clover", Can Change Destiny !!

Vanessa Enoteca is a witch from the Witches' Forest. Vanessa Enoteca's strength is the Change of Fate, she can change a "state" back to the time before it happened.

Vanessa is part of a wizarding royal family located deep in the Witches' Forest. The Witch Queen wants the power of "eternity" which turns out to be the power of "immortality" is a change of destiny and Vanessa has it.

Witch's Forest, Inhabited by a very great wizard and they are led by a Ferocious Witch Queen. The power of this Witch Queen is in the form of controlling blood cells which allows her to control everyone. Then his power can also heal all wounds.

For example, body parts that have been detached can be reattached by the queen of witches. It was once shown when he treated Asta and his two brothers (dancer and singer).

The power of Vanessa Enoteca

The power of Vanessa Enoteca is the power of the Thread that can change Destiny. He has a 3 cloverleaf Grimoire which contains about all the Yarn based magic. Then he also brought the magic wand used to cast his magic.


Magic This magic is used to create and manipulate threads. This thread can be used to knit or repair torn clothes. But this thread can be used to change destiny.

Vanessa's Thread Magic can be used to change destiny. This power first appeared during the battle against the Witch Queen in the Witches' Forest. At that time all of Vannesa's friends will be slaughtered and suddenly a cat appears who touches the enemy's target.

When the cat touches the enemy target / person, time will return to the beginning of the incident. So when someone dies is killed then the incident can be overcome with a change in Vanessa's destiny.

Vanessa Enoteca's Magic Power:

  • Arresting Dark Weave
    This magic forms a cobweb that allows her to catch the enemy when the enemy touches the thread. Then this Magic can also be used to catch friends/ally when they fall from a height.
  • Dancing Doll
    This magic is used to turn enemies into puppets. Well this magic can control the enemy with a thread that he wraps around the wrists and feet of the enemy. And then he moves the enemy according to his will.
  • Red Thread of Fate
    Vanessa is a magician who uses thread as a base. He created a little cat with a red thread. Then the cat can change destiny by just touching the enemy target.
    The change in destiny only applies to those who are in his care. So as long as this Magic is active then all attacks or events that harm him can be turned into a state that is in his favor. But this Magic requires a very large Energy. So it can't be used continuously.

This change of destiny he can do for everyone he cares about. It means those who are in their hearts and minds (perhaps). Well this incident happened when fighting the Witch Queen. and Vanessa managed to avoid the deaths of her friends.

Agility Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa has a slim and strong body. Then he is also agile in avoiding enemy attacks and fast in controlling his strength. In every fight she has fought, Vanessa has won her match and fought with agile and fast.

His agility is in accordance with the "Cat" he has. Well, cats are very patient and agile animals. Intelligence


Even though Vanessa looks lazy and drunk, she has a very sharp mind and intelligenceHe is able to mix medicinal ingredients and mingle with other people easily (to find information).

Vanessa can also see gaps in other people's strengths. This is shown when he sees Noelle's ability and gives her advice on how to further develop her strength.

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