10 Strengths of Gauche Adlai “Black Clover”, Kind-hearted Mirror Magic User

10 Strengths of Gauche Adlai “Black Clover”, Kind-hearted Mirror Magic User

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10 Strengths of Gauche Adlai “Black Clover”, Kind-hearted Mirror Magic User

Gauche is one of the Black Bull members. Gauche Adlai's power is Mirror Magic which allows him to clone or reflect light. In the war against the Elves, Gauche Adlai became a vessel for an elf named Drowa.

Gauche has a personality that is too exaggerated and tends to be Brutal. Then he had a very great affection for his little sister. So that anyone who approaches or hurts his sister he will beat.

His affection for his younger sister made him keep getting nosebleeds when he thought about all that. But this is not obscene, because Gauche will have nosebleeds if he thinks of someone he cares about even though it is his partner in Black Bull.

Gauche Adlai Facts Gauche

Adlai Has a mystery about "Why does he always have nosebleeds when he thinks of his sister??". This was answered by Gordon when he was at the black bull's base.

At first everyone might think that Gauche Adlai is a deviant knight because he always fantasizes and then has a nosebleed. But it turns out there is a fact behind it all. And it was shown during the war.

At that time Asta's arm is severed and Gauche Adlai tries to find a way to heal him. Well after Asta's arm heals Gauche has a nosebleed, Wow does he "like" Asta?? ….

The answer has been stated By Gordon Agrippa, The fact is: Gauche's nosebleed was caused by his high hopes to see his loved ones Happy. So the nosebleed was caused by Gauche wishing great happiness for the people he cares about.

Gauche's Powers Adlai

Gauche has a Grimoire that contains various magic related to Mirrors. He can reflect or clone himself by using this mirror magic.

Mirror Magic

By using this magic he is able to multiply objects or people. Then he can also attack the enemy or reflect the enemy's attack using this magic.

There are several Mirror Magic that have been seen, including:

  • Reflect Ray
    This magic is used to attack the enemy with a strong beam of light. by using this magic he doesn't need to make any movement.
  • Large Reflect Ray
    This magic is used to attack enemies with a beam from a very large mirror. then this magic requires a lot of energy too.
  • Reflect Refrain
    This magic uses multiple mirrors to attack enemies. The light will bounce from mirror 1 to mirror and destroy everything in front of it.
  • Double Reflect Refrain
    This magic is magic 2x the power of Reflect Refrain. Its power will be greater than the Reflect Refrain and destroy all objects that are between the mirrors used.
  • Real Double
    Magic is used to create a Clone that has the same power as the real Gauche. So when he uses this magic he will turn into 2 then his clone will have the same power as the original Gauche.
  • Mirrors Shift
    This magic is used to move places. So when he raises a Mirror somewhere then he can appear from that mirror. Maybe this can be called the “Mirror Anywhere” hhe
  • Mirrors The Magic Brigade
    uses the power of the Mirror in Gauche's eyes. So when this magic is used, the gauche eye will copy the target's shape into many and have the power of the object it is copying.
  • Full Reflection
    This magic is used to reflect enormous magic.

Combined Magic

combines his mirror magic with someone else's. This once happened when he combined mirror magic with Asta's anti magic.


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