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4 Facts about Cliff Grimoire “Mushoku Tensei”, Elinalise Dragonroad's husband

by Staff Okuen 29 Dec 2022 0 Comments

4 Facts about Cliff Grimoire “Mushoku Tensei”, Elinalise Dragonroad's husband


4 Facts about Cliff Grimoire “Mushoku Tensei”, Elinalise Dragonroad's husband

Cliff Grimoire is one of the characters in the Mushoku Tensei anime who has an important role in the storyline. Cliff Grimoire possessed knowledge and abilities that even Orsted acknowledged. He can suppress the curse on Orsted and Elinalise and research the disease that affects the Supard tribe. His very broad thinking makes Cliff Grimoire an influential character in the storyline.

Cliff Grimoire is a man who is very smart and strong. Usually he always wears simple clothes with an eye patch that serves to hide his demon eyes. His knowledge is very broad and when he was young, Cliff Grimoire already mastered various magics.

Cliff Grimoire Facts Cliff

Grimoire has not been seen in the anime yet. Therefore, information about him is still very limited. Here I will discuss a little theory about the character of Cliff Grimoire.

Personality Grimoire

Cliff has a very prominent personality. He has very high self-esteem, So will proudly tell people when they need it. Maybe his attitude looks "arrogant", but all that he did his best. Cliff always helps people who need his help. In addition, he is also very loyal to his friends.

Cliff Grimoire's Past

When Cliff was about 5 years old, a high ranking person in the Milis religious organization named Harry Grimoire adopted him. From this moment on, Cliff became a part of his family. In addition, Cliff is also the biological grandson of Pope Milis.

Cliff has extraordinary talent

Cliff is a very talented child who achieved Advanced Rank in Summoning, Detoxification, Healing, and Fire at a young age. His ability continues to be trained to reach a higher level. His abilities and knowledge were extraordinary and even recognized by Orsted.

Elinalise Dragonroad

Cliff's husband is Elinalise's husband who currently has a strange curse. With his knowledge, Cliff tries to cure Elinalise's curse. Cliff really loved her sincerely and Elinalise also understood all of that. Her great hard work melted Elinalise's heart and in the end they got married.

Cliff has a son named Clive Grimoire. But all that has not been told in the anime. You will clearly witness the character of Cliff Grimoire after Elinalise goes to the academy. Cliff is in Ranoa magic academy, Their meeting will also start from there. So keep watching the Mushoku Tensei anime.