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Dragon God Mushoku Tensei, the Strongest Orsted Dragon God??

by Staff Okuen 29 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Dragon God Mushoku Tensei, the Strongest Orsted Dragon God??

Dragon God Mushoku Tensei, the Strongest Orsted Dragon God??

Dragon God Mushoku Tensei is one of the strongest Entities in the world. They have enormous strength and rank high in the 7 mushoku tensei world powers (commonly called the World Great powers). Even though the Dragon Tribe has enormous power, they were managed to be brought down by Hitogami's cunning.

If you look at the history of Mushoku Tensei, there are 3 Dragon Gods that have been introduced, namely the First Generation Dragon God (Orsted's father), Laplace (Second Generation) and Orsted (100th Generation). But Orsted is the only Dragon God that has been told in the anime. Meanwhile, Laplace and his father Orsted, are only briefly told in the history of mushoku tensei.

Dragon God Mushoku Tensei – Is Orsted the Strongest Dragon God??

The First Dragon God used Reincarnation Magic to send Orsted to the Future. Orsted was assigned to kill Hitogami who had brought down the dragon world.

After the collapse of the Dragon World, Laplace, who is one of the 5 Dragon Generals, manages to save himself and drift into the human world. His goal is to kill the Human God, Hitogami. In the war between the Demon Race and Humans, Laplace intervened in the battle, but he was successfully cut by the Fighting God (Human Hero) which resulted in his Soul being split into 2.

Laplace's soul became 2, namely the God of Engineering and the God of Magic/Demon. As the God of Engineering, Laplace formed 7 world power systems by placing himself at Rank-1. While his other self (Magic God/Devil) is at Rank-4.

Laplace acknowledged Orsted's strength and placed him in Rank-2. Laplace created the system of the 7 world powers, To pass it down to Orsted. But all this is not clear, What is "inherited" from Laplace is either a technique or something else.

Orsted is the most powerful Dragon God that everyone knows up to now. He has a curse that makes all creatures fear him. By being Rank-2 in the 7 world powers, it was certain that Orsted had enough power to defeat the Human Gods.