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4 Facts about Elinalise Dragonroad “Mushoku Tensei”, a woman with a very strange curse disease

02 Jan 2023 0 Comments

4 Facts about Elinalise Dragonroad “Mushoku Tensei”, a woman with a very strange curse disease

4 Facts about Elinalise Dragonroad “Mushoku Tensei”, a woman with a very strange curse disease

Elinalise is a very beautiful and attractive female elf. At first, he was a member of Paul's party. However, the party was disbanded after Paul and Zenith decided to get married. Elinalise was first introduced in Episode 11. Then in Season 2 of Mushoku Tensei, Elinalise was seen from the first minute.


Judging from her appearance, Elinalise looks very beautiful and attractive. She has long wavy blonde hair. In addition, he has the body of an ordinary elf. Although Elinalise is very beautiful, Tall and attractive. But her breasts are very small and of course it is a minus in the eyes of men.

Elinalise Dragonroad Facts

There are some interesting facts about Elinalise Dragonroad's character in the Mushoku Tensei anime. Please note, that this article is only a theory from the author. So there is a possibility that the facts here are different from the facts from other fans.

Former Party Member Fangs of the Black Wolf

Fangs of the Black Wolf is a party led by Paul. Elinalise became part of the party and was an expert in managing Aggro Monsters. There aren't many stories that explain Elinalise's role in Paul's party, but it is known that Elinalise has an Adventure Guild S-Rank.

Not a Great Fighter

There are several theories that say that Elinalise is not very good at fighting. He was more skilled at managing Aggro Monsters than his fighting prowess. But since he has an S Rank, it can be confirmed that his strength and intelligence are above average.

Does Elinalise have a Husband??

Many say (spoilers) that Cliff Grimoire is Elinalise's husband/boyfriend. Elinalise is attracted to and loves Cliff after she finds out that Cliff will try his best to remove her curse.

Elinalise's Curse

Elinalise has a curse disease. It all started 200 years ago and was directly related to the magic crystal in the labyrinth. Elinalise was found in a Crystal in the labyrinth and after that incident Elinalise was taken to the Elf Village. Being in a Magic Crystal turns out to have a very strange Effect/Curse. Elinalise is cursed to always need sex, and a man's sperm will fertilize the crystal inside her.

There is a theory that Elinalise will die if her sexual needs are not properly met. All of that might have something to do with the Crystal inside him. If the crystal in her is not "fertilized" by male sperm, then the curse will be even more vicious and cause death.