4 Facts about Fairy Queen Ramiris “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Guardian of the Worldwide Balance

4 Facts about Fairy Queen Ramiris “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, Guardian of the Worldwide Balance

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Fairy Queen Ramiris is one of the original Demon Kings along with her 2 friends, Guy Crimson and Milim Nava. Ramiris becomes the protector of the balance of the World in the anime Tensura. Then Ramiris also became a figure who protected the heroes by providing divine protection and guidance for the saints.

At first Ramiris had the body of a mature woman with a very beautiful and attractive appearance. However currently ramiris became a little Elf with beautiful fairy wings on her back. Ramiris became a little Fairy and occasionally rested on a flower. Currently Ramiris lives under Tempest's labyrinth and befriends Rimuru Tempest.

Fairy Queen Ramiris

Ramiris is a Demon Lord who was able to quell Milim Nava's anger and managed to stop the fight between Guy Crimson and Milim Nava. Apart from that, there are some other interesting facts about Fairy Queen Ramiris. Here

's the review: Free and Fun

Personal When Ramiris was first introduced in the anime, she looked a little arrogant because of her position as the Fairy Queen and Demon King. But even so Ramiris is a Free and pleasant Person. She didn't look like a Demon Lord at all and she was even seen as a cute little fairy.

Ramiris would do whatever she wanted and live freely. Then he is also kind, This is shown when he helps Rimuru when he visits Ramiris' labyrinth while looking for a Spirit for his Disciple.

Ramiris managed to stop Milim Nava and Guy Crimson's Rage

. Thousands of years ago, Guy Crimson and Milim Nava awakened as Demon Lords. Guy Crimson was summoned to destroy a country that was fighting against humans, but in the end Guy destroyed them all and he also got the name and became the Demon King. Then Milim's pet dragon who was her only friend was killed by a kingdom which made her furious and destroyed the entire country.

Milim Nava's tantrums don't stop, the more angry she gets, the more strength she gains and the more she loses her sanity. With that, Guy Crimson tried to stop Milim Nava and fight against her. Their fight lasts up to 7 days 7 nights dealing severe damage to the surrounding Environment.

Seeing Milim and Guy bickering, Ramiris stepped in and stopped their fight. With her Spirit power, Ramiris sucked in Guy's evil aura and Milim's Dragon Aura. This was done to prevent the battle from getting more dangerous, And in the end Ramiris was able to quell their rampage.

The Purpose of the First 3 Demon

Lords After stopping the fight between Milim and Guy Crimson, They became friends and became the First Demon Lord. But they have different goals, Guy Crimson will pursue the Ultimate Skill, Milim Nava will live freely and Ramiris will judge and maintain the peace of the world.

Having Hereditary Strength

Once Ramiris reaches the peak of her growth she will inherit herself to the new Ramiris. So when he reaches the limit of growth, he will separate himself into several clones who will fight to inherit the Throne and his power and even the power of this clone can exceed the previous ramiris.

But what bothers them is the growth they go through, That basically they have to grow from their own weaknesses. It might be said that the journey of the new generation of Ramiris was the journey from 0 to the highest point. Among all the existing demon lords, only Ramiris was able to pass down “himself” to the next generation.

The power of Fairy Queen Ramiris Ramiris'

power is Illusion Magic and several other abilities such as:

  • Labyrinth Creation
  • Annihilation: Magic of instant death.
  • Spirit Magic.


Fairy Queen Ramiris is one of the 3 Main Demon Lords in the anime Tensura. He managed to quell the rampage of Milim and Guy Crimson and became the Protector of the entire world. Currently Ramiris lives under Tempest's labyrinth and becomes part of her friend Rimuru Tempest.

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