4 Facts about Shuna "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Shuna Slime Princess Oni

4 Facts about Shuna "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Shuna Slime Princess Oni

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Shuna Slime is one of Rimuru's subordinates who can't stay away from her master. Shuna is an Ogre who joined Tempest after defeating the Orc Lord. The Oni princess was named “Shuna” by Rimuru and to this day continues to serve Rimuru tempest.

Shuna has the ability to adapt well to Goblins and other creatures / Races. Then he also has skills in household-related issues. And currently he was also assisting Rigurd in providing economic advice in Jura Tempest.

Facts about Shuna Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

Shuna Slime is a 16 year old girl who has an extraordinary body and beauty. Apart from that, there are some interesting facts about Shuna Slime. Here

's her review: Kind and Dependable

Shuna is very kind and easy to forgive others. Then she also grows into a girl who can be relied on with her tenacious ability and soft and smooth personality. Shuna often helps people in Tempest, therefore everyone will protect Shuna even if they have to sacrifice their lives.


Shuna's daughter is the daughter of the Ogre Clan. He has an older brother named Benimaru who is currently a Samurai General in Jura Tempest. Rimuru gave the nickname “Princess Oni” to Shuna. This was done because perhaps Shuna's background was the Princess of the Ogre.

The First Ogre to realize Rimuru Tempest's Kindness

Before shuna became Rimuru's subordinate, He attacked Gobta and his friends and then Rimuru came to save him. The Ogre attacked Rimuru because they thought that Rimuru was a Devil who attacked the Ogre Village until everything was destroyed by fire. But Shuna realized that all of that was not Rimuru's doing after Seeing Rimuru mercilessly not kill the Ogre in front of him.

Shuna said that with Rimuru's immense power it could crush and kill them all easily. But Rimuru didn't do it, It made Shuna sure that Rimuru wasn't the demon that attacked the Ogre village. Well sure enough, when Rimuru showed the Mask (which the ogres considered as the devil's mask) to the ogres. Everyone agreed and apologized for attacking Rimuru.

The difference between the mask that the demon used that attacked the ogres village and the mask that rimuru used is in the front design. The demon that attacked the ogre village was wearing a spooky mask like someone was crying blood, while Rimuru was wearing an ordinary mask that was used to suppress magical aura.

The Ogre's daughter was named "Shuna"

Initially she got the name "Shuna". That was after the ogres decided to become Rimuru's subordinates to defeat the Orc Lords. Then they asked to continue serving Rimuru after the battle with the orc lord was over.

Strength Shuna

has an A Rank, Even though Shuna is only at A Rank but she has much greater strength than that. Shuna's strength is optimized with her skills and prowess in cultivating magic. Shuna's Strengths are as follows:

Unique Skill

  • Analyst
  • Thought Acceleration
  • Analytical Appraisal
  • Chant Annulment
  • All of Creation
  • Manipulation of Law of
  • Change
  • Separation

Extra Skills

  • Magic Sense
  • Multilayer Barrier
  • Spatial Travel
  • Majesty


  • Illusion Magic
  • Elemental
  • Art Magic

Resistance, Resistance is the power to block several attacks launched by the enemy . Then there are some conditions that he can control well to save himself.

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