4 Facts about Scratchmen Apoo "One Piece", Captain of the On Air Pirates

4 Facts about Scratchmen Apoo "One Piece", Captain of the On Air Pirates

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Scratchmen Apoo is one of the characters who has a role in the Wano Country Arc, he is one of Kaidou's strongest subordinates. In addition, he is also part of the worst generation of pirates. Having enormous strength, he is one of the antagonist characters that have been seen in the Wano Arc country.

Judging from his appearance, Apoo has a tall, slender body with a very distinctive shape as the Long Arm Tribe. The long arms have 2 elbow joints. His appearance is always used to use the power of his devil fruit. Usually in an emergency he always uses his hands to produce special musical abilities.

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Apoo is one of the supporting antagonists in the Wano Arc. All of that is judged by most of his actions which have always been a hindrance and enemy of the main character. Informant Beasts Pirates

Apoo is the captain of the On Air Pirates and an informant for one of the Strongest Pirates in the ocean, the Beasts Pirates. He became one of Kaidou's subordinates who had extraordinary abilities as a fighter and information seeker. In the Wano Arc, Apoo is seen to be able to make things difficult for the Luffy Alliance.

Music and Parties

Apoo is a pirate who loves music and parties. One of the reasons for joining the Beasts Pirates is to join a party that is routinely held in Wano country. In every behavior, Apoo always dances and sings. The power of his devil fruit fits perfectly with his behavior that likes to sing or dance. All of which made him stronger in battle.

Caution and Provocation

Apoo is a very cautious character and acts a bit passive. He probably wouldn't attack others if it wasn't of any benefit to himself. In battle, he will use ranged attacks by securing himself in battle.

In battle, Apoo will analyze the enemy's strength in each fight. If the enemy is too strong for him, then he will run and save himself. But his Provocation will always be there even if he will run away from battle.

The Genius

Traitor Apoo is a pirate who doesn't trust the "Alliance" and only uses it for his own benefit. He has the ability to predict the killing aura of others and hide his "Intent" and purpose. All of that managed to trap the Kids to attack one of the ocean empires, the Beasts Pirates.

Apoo has a very manipulative attitude and is a genius in dealing with other people. He could easily provoke his friends and foes to his own advantage.


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