Facts and 13 Strengths of Aura Bella Fiora "Overlord", Dark Elf Controlling Magical Beasts (Magic)

Facts and 13 Strengths of Aura Bella Fiora "Overlord", Dark Elf Controlling Magical Beasts (Magic)

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Facts and 13 Strengths of Aura Bella Fiora "Overlord", Dark Elf Controlling Magical Beasts (Magic)

Bella Fiora's Aura's power is immense and even she can tame Magical Beasts that have above average power levels. Aura has many Pets Like Dragon to Hamster (Wisdom).

Aura Bella Fiora has a twin sister, Mare. They were both created by Bukubukuchagama, Aura and Mare have a Dark Elf Race with very beautiful eyeball colors. Aura is a tamer and guardian of Magical Beasts (Magic) who has tremendous power. The monsters guarded by Aura were Level 70 and above.

Facts about Aura Bella Fiora

Aura Bella Fiora was created by Bukubukuchagama as a female Dark Elf. Aura has a very Tomboy appearance and even looks like a boy. Aura is seen to have a blue left eye and a green right eye. He also has golden hair with armor made of dragon scales.

Aura is Ainz' subordinate who has the ability to tame and guard Magical Beasts. He was also able to control all Magical Beasts that had above average strength i.e. Level 70 and above. Aura is a girl who is very cheerful and active in everything. His very high spirit made him more confident in war.

Aura Bella Fiora Has an extraordinary composure and always acts with caution. Aura was very close to the other members of the Ainz Guild especially among the girls like albedo. Hoby aura is collecting all kinds of new / foreign animals, so he often roams in the forest to look for strange animals and make them as "pets".

Aura Bella Fiora was extremely loyal to Ainz and would sacrifice everything for Ainz's good. But he also misses his creator, Bukubukuchagma. Aura has an attitude and personality similar to Bukubukuchagma, therefore her daily behavior is very similar to that of her creator.

Aura Strength Bella Fiora

Aura is not the strongest Nazaric NPC and she is even at the bottom when compared to other NPCs. But Aura has a unique ability, namely Guerrilla War. Aura is very strong when fighting in "Groups", an example is when she fights together with her pets. Or when Aura fought together with her brother Mare. In essence, Aura will become very strong if she fights with Groups (Not Slolo Players).

Aura has extraordinary stamina and speed, it's not surprising because basically she is a Ranger. Then Aura also has the ability to detect enemies. He can hear and determine the direction and location of the enemy's presence in a very far distance. Aura has perfect senses because she can detect everything that seems impossible to others.

Aura also has a skill that can tame all the animals in the new world. As such, he had the task of gathering all the high-class beasts to become subordinates and part of the kingdom of Ainz.

Aura's Pet:

  • Fenrir
  • Frost Dragon
  • Itzamna
  • Hound of the Wild Hunt
  • Iris Tyrannus Basileus
  • Kirin
  • Basilisk
  • Avaricious Frog
  • Amphisbaena

Aura Skill Bella Fiora

  • Passive Skill: Aura Breath, a skill that can provide calm and control the emotions of all creatures within a certain range.
  • Beast Killing: This skill is very effective when used to kill monsters/animals. The damage dealt will be greatly increased if the aura attacks the Physical Monster/Beast.
  • Composition of Breaths:Aura can inflict Intimidation and Terror on targets at great distances using only her breath.
  • Eliminate Existence: Aura can move without being noticed by the target.
  • Galaxy Shot, Used to shoot targets.
  • Enhanced
  • Petrification: This skill is usually used on Dead Creatures only. Aura turns the target into Stone.
  • Arrow Shot: Aura can also shoot arrows in a certain area.
  • Shadow-piercing Arrow: If the arrow shot by the aura hits the enemy's shadow, then the shot will have an impact on the enemy.
  • Sky Eye: Aura can see clearly everything from a great distance.
  • Reduction: Aura can reduce the strength and speed of enemy targets.
  • Targeting: Aura can easily mark and shoot enemies and have an impact on the surrounding environment.

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