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4 Facts of Flatorte "Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita", the Strongest Blue Dragon

24 Jul 2022 0 Comments

4 Facts of Flatorte "Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita", the Strongest Blue Dragon

Flatorte is one of the supporting characters who has an important role in the conflict between the Dragon Races. She became the leader in the Blue Dragon Race's attack on the Red Dragon Race which took place during the wedding of one of the Princesses of the Red Dragon Race.

In terms of appearance, Flatorte has the body shape of a girl in her 20s even though Flatorte's age has reached more than 400 years. He wears a blue dragon with horns on his head. Flatorte is also seen having a dragon's tail in his human form.

Flatorte Facts

Blue Dragon Race

As previously explained, Flatorte is part of the Blue Dragon Race which is famous for its strength. The Blue Dragon Race has abilities that are completely opposite to the Red Dragon Race. That way, they continue to fight all the time. It is said that Flatorte had a father named Armeshtan and a mother named Cainreq.


Flatorte's rival was first introduced when she attacked the Red Dragon Race who were holding a wedding party. At that time Brother Laika married his childhood friend. Now at the wedding, Flatorte came to attack the Red Dragon Race with a very large army.

Flatorte became Laika's rival, All of that was seen when they fought really hard. Their abilities were balanced, however Flatorte had ES power which was perfect for defeating the Red Dragon Race. Their fight is very hard and tense.

Very Rude and Selfish

In his introduction, he directly attacked the Red Dragon Race brutally. Flatorte has a very rude and selfish personality. But all of that has its own reasons. One reason is because the Blue Dragon and Red Dragon Races are sworn enemies. In addition, Flatorte was very annoyed by other people's "Romantic" stories.

Flatorte's Defeat

During his attack on the Red Dragon Tribe Village, Flatorte was defeated by Azusa by using a binding magic (Like a seal). Thus, he entered into a contract with Azusa and obeyed all his orders. One of Azusa's orders was to make peace with the Red Dragon Race.

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