4 Rimuru Tempest Ultimate Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

4 Rimuru Tempest Ultimate Skill "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken"

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Rimuru Tempest Ultimate Skill in the Tensura anime has not been fully shown. However, there are some Unique Skills that evolve into Rimuru Tempest's Ultimate Skill. Well in this article the author will give a few spoilers about Rimuru's Ultimate Skill.

According to Guy Crimson, Ultimate Skill has damage and abilities that are very difficult to "Stop". For that, we have to use Ultimate Skills to fight other Ultimate Skills. So, this Ultimate Skill has a very large Damage. Rimuru is known to have at least 4 Ultimate Skills with 20+ Skill Effects when used.

Rimuru's Ultimate Skill Tempest Rimuru's

Ultimate Skill has not been fully shown (the information is still scanty). But if we read LN and Manga, then there will be some Ultimate Skills that have been seen. Maybe this article is theoretical, but there are definitely spoilers in it.

Rimuru Tempest Ultimate Skill:

Raphael (Wisdom King Raphael) Raphael's

Ultimate Skill is an evolutionary skill from Great Sage's Unique Skill. Rimuru got Raphael's skill after he combined the Great sage's unique skill with Degenerate. So getting an Additional Skill Effect, namely:

  • Mind Accelerate: Rimuru can speed up his thinking up to 1 million times than usual.
  • Analysis and Value: Rimuru can analyze and assess an object or other Target.
  • Parallel Operation: Rimuru can analyze whatever he wants. The analysis process is separate from the usual thinking, which is then accelerated by millions of times.
  • Cast Cancel: Rimuru can cancel his required “Role” Period when using Magic. So it's possible that rimuru doesn't need to use Spells in every single one of her magic.
  • All of Creation: Rimuru can create anything in the world. But the Object or Phenomenon (Form) must first be known by Rimuru.
  • Synthesize: Combines 2 different objects into a single unit.
  • Separate: In addition to combining objects, Rimuru can also separate objects that have been "fused".

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