The power of Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Raphael (Wisdom Lord Raphael)

The power of Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest "Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken", Raphael (Wisdom Lord Raphael)

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Wisdom Lord Raphael is one of Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest's Strengths. Rimuru succeeded in becoming a True Demon Lord, which was followed by the Great Sage Skill Evolution and Raphael's Birth.

After Rimuru became a True Demon Lord, the Skill that stood out the most was the appearance of Raphael. Raphael is the Evolution Skill of the Great Sage who is currently Wisdom King Raphael. In Episode 11 Season 2 Tensura, We saw Raphael changing into human form and replacing Rimuru who was sleeping (Sleep Mode After awakening to True Demon Lord).

Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest


Strength After Rimuru Summons Diablo and his 2 demon underlings. Rimuru goes into "Sleep" mode and his body is taken over by Raphael to continue the Harvest Festival for the awakening of the New Demon King. This was done because the Harvest Festival Ceremony could not be postponed.

The Great sage skill evolves into Raphael after sacrificing the Degenerate skill. After becoming Raphael, this Skill can form the "Sound of the World" as well as become a Human form.

Raphael's Skill:

  • Thought Acceleration,Enhanced to more than 1 million times.
  • Analytical Appraisal,Can Assess "Something" by just looking at it.
  • Parallel Operation, the ability to release thoughts and can analyze a phenomenon in his mind.
  • Chant Annulment, Use of Magic without Spellcasting.
  • All of Creation, Understanding and knowing everything that exists in the world.
  • Synthesis/Seperation
  • Skill Modification
  • Seeing the future, Rimuru can see and predict enemy attacks.


Raphael's skill is still growing, so the list above can change and grow.


After Raphael's Appearance, Raphael uses the Beelzebub Skill to absorb all the Magic energy around him. Now this skill is an evolution of the Gluttony skill.

Beelzebub's Skill Effect:

  • Predation
  • Stomach
  • Mimicry
  • Isolation
  • Rot
  • Soul Consume
  • Food Chain


Other Additional Skills…

Apart from Raphael's Skill and Beelzebub's Skill. Rimuru has another skill, but it's not fully revealed yet.

In episode 11 Season 2 of Tensura, we were only given information about increasing Rimuru's Skill and Physical ability. Then Rimuru could change his Material and Spiritual Body freely. In addition, all existing Skills (Before becoming a Demon King) will still be able to be used by Rimuru.

Rimuru Tempest's New Skill(Known):

  • Infinite Regeneration
  • Universal Detection
  • King Haki
  • Advanced Replication
  • Universal Thread


  • Natural Element
  • Neutralization Disease Neutralization
  • Spiritual Attack Resistance.
  • Sacred Attack Resistance

So far, the above skills are known to have been created/increased after Rimuru became a Demon King. However Demon Lord Rimuru Tempest's Skill will continue to grow.

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