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5 Facts about Beretta “Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken”, the Descendant of the Black Demon Ancestor who is brave

by Staff Okuen 26 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Beretta is one of the descendants of the Black Devil. He was summoned by Rimuru to fulfill the Golem “Dweller” contract for 100 years. Beretta became Ramiris' servant for the time being. But during Walpurgis, Beretta decided to make Ramiris his master (Thanks to the advice of Guy Crimson).

Beretta is a Devil with Black stripes who is very "Brave" when talking to Guy Crimson. But Guy is not surprised, Karna Ancestor black demon also has the same Personality. Guy Crimson and Diablo (Ancestor of the Black Demon, Noir) are very close rivals. And currently they were reunited after Diablo served Rimuru.

Beretta Tensura Facts Rimuru

's subordinate in charge of guarding Ramiris

Beretta is a devil summoned by Rimuru to fill the Golem Puppets. Then Beretta fulfilled the contract to guard the labyrinth and became Ramiris' Servant for 100 years. It could be said that Beretta had 2 Masters, The first was Rimuru who was the Master and the second was Ramiris.

Labyrinth Guardian Demon Ramiris

After filling the Golem created by Rimuru, Beretta immediately fulfilled the contract to guard the labyrinth and became Ramiris' Servant. After her encounter with the Crimson Guy, Beretta decided to serve Ramiris alone. The reason being that a much stronger devil figure had served Rimuru.

Beretta Plan Beretta

decided to become Ramiris' servant after receiving advice from Guy Crimson. But behind that, He plans very big things. Namely making Jura Tempest as Ramiris' new base (Ramiris' Labyrinth in Tempest Jura). It made Ramiris recreate the Labyrinth Room in the Tempest Jura Federation area and managed with Rimuru. It was possible that Beretta still wanted to guard and serve Rimuru.

Beretta is a Research Genius

Another reason that Beretta wanted to serve Ramiris was because of her job as a research assistant. Beretta said that he really enjoys researching things and that he is always looking for objects to research. With great research results, Then Beretta's Knowledge will also continue to improve well.

Beretta's Personality Follows His Ancestors

As previously explained, that Beretta is a demon with a black bloodline. Which means, Beretta's Ancestor was Noir. Beretta's demeanor which was very calm in all situations and tended to have great respect for his master was one of the attitudes he received from his bloodline. In addition, Beretta also always acts "Free" and dares to talk to Crimson Guy who basically no demon dares to talk to him (Except Noir Descendants).