Octagram Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

Octagram Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken

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The name Octagram was proposed by Rimuru Tempest. During the Walpurgis banquet, Guy Crimson asked Rimuru to give a Name to the New Demon Lord Corps. All of that was done because Rimuru was the one who killed Clayman and caused chaos in the Banquet.

Octagram Refers to a group that is very powerful and has an important role in the world of Tensura. At first, the group was named the 10 Great Demon Kings which later turned into Octagram after Rimuru Tempest's presence. Currently there are 8 Demon Kings who are incorporated into the Octagram, namely:

8 Octagram Demon Kings (newly formed)

  1. “Lord of Darkness” Guy Crimson (Demon)
  2. “Destroyer” Milim Nava (Dragonoid)
  3. “Labyrinth Master” Ramiris (Fairy)
  4. “Earthquake ” Dagruel (Giant)
  5. “Queen of Nightmares” Luminous Valentine (Vampire)
  6. “Sleeping Ruler” Dino (Fallen Angel)
  7. “Platinum Saber” Leon Cromwell (Demonoid)
  8. “Rising Star” Rimuru Tempest (Slime)

All members of the Octagram possess immense power . It is said that all the members of the council have a Rank above S. However the Rank of each Octagram Member has not been fully revealed.

When a new Demon Lord is born, the other Demon Lords will not remain silent. Then if someone said that he was the “Demon King” then it would provoke the anger of the other Demon Lords. Normally the Demon Lords would kill Fools like that. But if he can survive the Demon King's rampage, then he will be recognized as the new Demon King.

To Become the new Demon Lord, Required at least 2 or more endorsements from other Demon Lords. Or, Can also defeat the existing Demon Lord to take his place.

Leon Cromwell defeated Demon Lord Kazaream and then succeeded him as Demon Lord. Moreover, Rimuru Tempest managed to kill Clayman and snatched his Demon King Seat. Now it can also make "Someone" recognized as the new Demon King.


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