5 Facts and Powers of Evileye (Keno Fasris Invern) Overlord, Legendary Vampire Lord

5 Facts and Powers of Evileye (Keno Fasris Invern) Overlord, Legendary Vampire Lord

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5 Facts and Powers of Evileye (Keno Fasris Invern) Overlord, Legendary Vampire Lord

strength is extraordinary, it is proven by the fact that Evileye is a companion of 13 Heroes in the Past. Then Evileye was also the strongest Magic Caseter in the Re-estize kingdom.

Evileye is the strongest Magic Caster in the Re-estize kingdom and is an Adamantite-level Adventurer. With her strength, Evileye was able to fight evenly against one of Ainz's subordinates, Entoma. Even Evileye managed to beat Entoma in the next fight.

Evileye Facts (Keno Fasris Invern) Overlord

Evileye Personality Evileye

tends to be arrogant towards whoever she is talking to. Then Evileye also had a very sharp tongue and never listened to other people's advice. But after his meeting with Momon, So his personality softened and felt "Love" for the first time.

Rainbow Eye

Initially Evileye was someone who had the talent to copy any spell. She is Rainbow Eye, a talent capable of copying any Spell. One time, he accidentally copied the Elder Coffin Dragon Lord's spell which then turned him into a Vampire. After that, Evileye also transformed herself into a Vampire.

Transforming into a Vampire

Evileye is an undead who becomes a Vampire. Evileye copied the Elder Coffin Dragon Lord's spell which then transformed herself into a Legendary Vampire. At that time Evileye was known as Landfall the Legendary Vampire.

Member of the 13 Heroes ?

Evileye is said to be a member of the 13 Legendary Heroes. He and his friends managed to defeat the "Evil" God like the Insect God Monster. However, due to his "Race" status as Vampire, Evileye did not exist in the history of the 13 Heroes and was only considered the Legendary Vampire Lord of the Evil Landfall.

Joining the Blue Roses

He meets Rigrit Bers who is part of the 13 Legendary Heroes. The comrade made a “bet” that forced Evileye to join the Blue Roses. After Evileye lost the “Gamble”, Then she officially replaced Rigrit in the Blue Roses.

Evileye Power Evileye

is a True Vampire who has the ability to imitate and cast other People's Spells and make them her own. It was known that Evileye currently possessed over 100 magic spells. Here is the Evileye's Power that is often used in battle:

  • Acid Splash, a spell that can release Acid.
  • Charm Person, This spell is used to influence the target's mind by reminding him of his relatives or close friends.
  • Crystal Lance,an Attack Spell that launches a long, sharp object at the enemy.
  • Crystal Wall,Defense made using the earth element.
  • Crystal Dagger,Sends a Dagger towards the enemy with very sharp and accurate speed and power.
  • Flying
  • Undetected
  • Magic Arrow, ArrowSpell.
  • Shard Buck Shots, large-scale attacks using very small objects in large numbers.
  • Resist Weakening,Increased strength when the body weakens.
  • Reverse Gravity, Gravity Spell.
  • Sand Field, this spell is used to scatter Sand Particles on a very large scale and is able to swallow all his enemies.
  • Teleportation.
  • Translocation Damage, Defense that replaces Physical Damage with reduced mana.
  • Vermin Bane, Gas Mist that can repel and kill insects.

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