Synopsis Dragon Ball Super, The Emergence of the God of Destruction

Synopsis Dragon Ball Super, The Emergence of the God of Destruction

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Goku Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Super anime is one of the best anime with a very exciting storyline, There are many interesting battles and adventures that occur in each episode. All characters have their own characteristics after successfully going through difficult times in the Dragon Ball Z storyline. The world that became peaceful did not last long, Everything started to get messy again.

Dragon Ball Super anime has a very interesting storyline, where everyone lives peacefully after the incident in the Dragon Ball Z storyline. Gokuu and his friends carry out general activities as earthlings, They don't do big battles and just practice. At that time, the world was in peace.

Dragon Ball Super anime tells about the peace that occurs on Earth, Everyone is doing their normal activities and living a quiet and peaceful life. The storyline begins after Dragon Ball Z, where peace is created only temporarily and everyone feels a tense atmosphere again.

At the beginning of the story the world looks peaceful and everyone lives freely, but all that does not last long. A new enemy has begun to lurk and the “Destroyer” entity referred to as the God of Destruction has awakened from its slumber. All of that gave a very big impact on the earth, Everyone began to prepare for an even bigger disaster.

A very scary entity, namely the god of destruction named Beerus, wakes up from his sleep and searches for the truth about a prophecy. In certain scenes, there is a prophecy that says that someone will beat him. Because of that Beerus traveled the world to find this strong figure.

Until in the end, Beerus arrived on earth and found Goku with his friends who had great powers. Maybe he thinks that Goku and his friends are strong figures who are in the prophecy.

In the end the story begins with a very tense, Everyone prepares to face the worst that might happen to all of humanity.

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