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5 Facts and Powers of Ruijerd Superdia “Mushoku Tensei”, Norn Greyrat's Husband ???

by Staff Okuen 03 Jan 2023 0 Comments

5 Facts and Powers of Ruijerd Superdia “Mushoku Tensei”, Norn Greyrat's Husband ???


5 Facts and Powers of Ruijerd Superdia “Mushoku Tensei”, Norn Greyrat's Husband ???

Ruijerd Superdia possesses immense strength and is the leader of Laplace's Elite Squad. Ruijerd Superdia experienced a very scary incident and now he is planning to kill Laplace.

Ruijerd Superdia was wearing the clothes typical of the Superd Tribe. She has short green hair and then there is a red gemstone on her forehead. He also has scars on his face that are clearly visible. The wound makes him look very scary, but in fact he is a very kind person.

Ruijerd Superdia Facts Ruijerd

Superdia has a very kind personality. Even though his appearance looks scary, he is actually a very kind person and always helps children and will get angry if someone hurts them.

Former Elite Soldier Laplace

Ruijerd Superdia Came from the Babinosu region. He was once the leader of the Supard squad and served in Laplace's elite troops. This incident occurred before the war occurred in 400 years ago. So at that time Ruijerd Superdia was one of Laplace's strongest subordinates and was given the position of Laplace's executive.

Laplace Betrays the Loyalty of Ruijerd Superdia

Laplace betrayed the allegiance of Ruijerd Superdia and all of his troops. At that time Laplace ordered them to take pitch-black spears into battle, which resulted in them "going out of control" and slaughtering everyone including his own family. Well after that Ruijerd was seriously injured and then fainted. Ruijerd's son tried to destroy the spear and finally Ruijerd was awakened and the Spear was destroyed.


Ruijerd fell into a deep despair and even tried to commit suicide as a penance for his sins. But moments later he vowed to take revenge on Laplace who had brought cruelty to all his troops.

Ruijerd Gets His Revenge Ruijerd

intervenes in the battle between Laplace and the 3 heroes. So in that battle Laplace was defeated, but even so. He could not bring back all his dead troops.

Ruijerd is Norn Greyrat's husband??

[Spoiler/Theory] In the future Ruijerd will marry Norn Greyrat. But all that is still not clear the truth. So until now the statement is only limited to theory.

Ruijerd Superdia's Strength Ruijerd

Superdia is a very strong character. He was able to defeat a rank A being in one strike and he could even stop the sword swing of Sword God Gal Farion.

Ruijerd Superdia's Power:

  • The Third Eye that serves as the Ladar
  • Master of Stealth
  • Demon's long lifespan